Jade Is Jimp and Jaunty

With a wide usage by people of different cultures, Jade has been genuinely regarded as one of the most valuable and precious stones. One specific culture or country where the jade stone is kept on an esteemed level is China. It is considered as a medium that connects earth and heaven in rituals, as a protective stone that wards off evil and as a symbol of virtue. This stone which was initially prized for its hardness and resilience soon became an essential of various ceremonial events. Talking about its origin, some say that it was fashioned by thunder and therefore has faces of heaven inside while others vouch that it was crystallized under the moonlight. The elemental composition of Jade is of Jadeite and Nephrite minerals. All jade stones are made up of both these minerals, intergrown and interlocked complexly.

The color of Jade ranges from pink, purple, brown, red, yellow, orange, blue, black to all shade of greens. The green Jade is gorgeous and has multiple healing effects.


Jade Is Jimp And Jaunty Phy Img

The Physical healing of Green Jade


It is known as the stone of the heart. It not only strengthens the cardiac system but also reinforces the functioning of the kidney, spleen and adrenal glands. It supports metabolism, treats the nervous system, eliminates stress and opposes the effects of depression. It is a powerful cleansing stone. It enhances the working of all such organs in the busy which are responsible for the filtration and elimination of waste from the body. It safeguards the wearer from bad dreams. It prevents the viral and bacterial infections, maintains the ratios of acid and alkaline and water and salt in the body and is particularly beneficial for joints and bones. Green Jade helps during pregnancy and in childbirth as well.


Jade Is Jimp And Jaunty Emo Img

The emotional healing of Green Jade

This stone helps you achieve your clam and peace, no matter how chaotic the situations are around. It dispels the negative energies from near you, fills your heart with positivity and gives you the courage to fight back in life. It reduces the tensions, gives you the best acumen to take the right decision and brings stability in life. It helps you develop a better understanding of relations and make you more sensitive towards the opposite sex. It boosts confidence and intensifies the ability to reach out for your dreams, ambitions or desires in life.


Jade Is Jimp And Jaunty Spr Img

The spiritual healing of Green Jade

As the color green is associated with abundance, this stone is believed to bring divine energy in large quantities. It strengthens your connection with your guardian angles and overall helps in the spiritual journey. This stone teaches you how by being unselfish, you can store goodwill for yourself in the long run.



Green Jade works as a professional supports stone. It boosts your creativity, imagination and gets you recognition for your talent. This is a stone for all the VIRGOS and is believed to bring fortune, friendship, and success to them.

The Jade is commonly found in the USA, China, Russia, and New Zealand. For Chinese, it as a symbol of modesty, compassion, justice, courage, and wisdom, for you how beneficial it turns out to be, let me know.

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