Know The Benefits Of Citrine

Citrine is a beautiful stone with lot of recharging and reviving energy. It cleanses your body, comforts the area where there is tension or blockage and refills it with abundant positivity and energy. It is a stone that attracts good fortune and good luck.


Citrine is one of the eminent stones of the gem world. Carrying the power of the sun is not just powerful and energizing but the energy of it is such that brings good fortune and luck too. It is a premier stone of imagination, manifestation and personal will. It is a stone for fresh beginnings, new pursuits, and happiness in life.


Basically, citrine is a variety of quartz. It is a transparent stone, falling in the category of precious gems. The color of citrine ranges from pale to golden yellow, honey to almost brown in some cases. They also have inclusions in the form of rainbow and sparkle. Citrine is commonly found in areas of Russia, Bolivia, Brazil and some parts of Africa. The stone has got its name from a French word, Citron meaning lemon.


The Benefits Of Citrine are:


Citrine Stone Phy Img

Physical Healing Properties Of Citrine

Citrine is full of energy. It enhances stamina and is extremely beneficial for chronic fatigue syndrome. It stimulates digestion, works on metabolism and is super effective in eliminating infections of kidney and bladder. It keeps the nail, hair, and skin healthy and is also a good reliving agent from the irritation or allergies caused by food and chemical products. Citrine helps in times of menopause and normal periods. It relieves hot flashes, works on hormonal imbalance and alleviates fatigue. It is also helpful in cases of morning sickness, nausea, and vomiting.




Citrine Stone Emo Img


Emotional Healing Properties Of Citrine

The happy peppy stone is known to bring joy to everyone’s life. It releases anger, negative feelings, deep-seated fears, destructive tendencies and is excellent to overcome depression. Citrine encourages creativity and self-expression. It raises self-esteem and allows the wearer to move forward optimistically. It lets you explore, enjoy new experiences and gives you the courage to take the needed action or decision in a given situation. Whenever you feel helpless or confused, resort to citrine. It will identify the issue and heal it in an absolutely natural way.



Citrine Stone Spr Img


Spiritual Healing Properties Of Citrine

Citrine is an outstanding crystal for those who are sensitive or vulnerable to outside energies. The radiant yellow color of stone beams positive energy into one’s environment. It increases the amount of light surrounding the body and protects the aura. It is a talisman for those who are underconfident and unsecured in life. The energy of it reaches the core, corrects the underlying belief and blesses you with spiritual and physical abundance.



Citrine heals and balances chakra too: The radiant gold yellow energy of citrine activates and energizes the solar plexus and navel chakra. It also stimulates the crown chakra and is thereby allows you to respond to the world in a better way. It works on your gut feelings, non-linear communication, and intuition. It keeps you in good spirits, lets you enjoy the pleasures of life and keeps you very flexible in your approach. It is regarded as a stone that stimulates creativity, intelligence, power, and imagination.

Citrine attracts success: Citrine is known as Merchant’s stone or Success stone. It not only assists in acquiring wealth but also helps in maintaining it. It is a stone of abundance. It attracts love, happiness and acts as a shield against jealousy and spite. If you are working in the field of sales, casinos, merchant banking, sports, media or fitness, this stone assists you very well in your carrier. It is also a fortifying crystal for medical personnel, healers and government officers. It promotes artists in kids and also brings lots of happiness and health to newborns. Keep this stone in the wealth corner of your home or in the cash box of the office. It is also recommended for people who are little quick-tempered in their nature.

When you buy citrine: Citrine is a stone with multiple benefits. Because of its shade of yellow, it is sometimes mistakenly referred to as gold topaz, Spanish or Madeira topaz or Safranite. The natural citrines are always pale yellow in color and the ones which are deep amber or orange-reddish in shade can be the heat-treated amethyst or smoky quartz. So, whenever you buy citrine, be careful. Also, remember that never keep citrine under sunlight, the beautiful color fades away. If you really love citrine and want to include it in your collection then do check The site offers some really high-quality citrine silver jewelry and citrine loose stone at a very affordable price.

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