Gemstones that Resemble the Tri-Colour Of Our National Flag

With Indian Republic Day approaching soon on 26th January, it’s time to rekindle your love, passion, and patriotism for your country! Though there’s not a single day when we do not feel emotional and patriotic for our country, the Republic Day indeed calls for something extra in the form of grand celebration for the country. Be it an individual or groups, companies or institutions, private or government organizations or someone else, the Republic Day surely reminds you and demands you to do something outstanding on this day. Apart from remembering those who have spent their lives for the freedom, growth, and prosperity of our country, you can do something extra in the form of wearing the special colors of Republic Day.


Why Choose the Tri-colours of National Flag in Jewelry?


Using the three colors (saffron, white and green) of National Flag in your Republic Day jewelry is one of the best ways to celebrate this grand day on a personal level. Let us see, which the best gemstones that serve this purpose perfectly are!


Best Gemstones that Resemble the Tri-colour of Our National Flag


Andesine Labradorite


Andesine Labradorite – Apart from various other shades like pink or brown, this gemstone also comes in orange and red shades. Use this stone to signify the saffron band of our national flag.


Download (9)


Carnelian – You can use the deep orange or yellow shades of Carnelian while taking it into consideration for your gemstone jewelry that resembles the national flag of India.


Buy Pink Coral Gem Round Shape Cabochon Grade Aa 3 00 Mm In Size 24


Coral – This precious and rare natural treasure called Coral is available in few different shades including orange also. It looks quite catchy in the form of jewelry. Use it as a centerpiece of your pendant or in beautiful earrings.


Chatham White Opal Round Cut In Grade Gem 24


Opal – This gemstone portrays multiple colors when the light gets reflected from it. You can use it with almost all the attires.


Agate – Want to flaunt the green band of our national flag? Try the green agate in the form of jewelry. Making you look elegant and attractive, agate speaks about your unique taste also.


Images (6)


Moonstone – Symbolise peace and harmony of the white band in national flag with the help of moonstone that comes in various light shades like beige, off-white and more.


530102566 Orig


Aquamarine – Get a refreshed look with Aquamarine. The greenish-blue shade of this gemstone will go well with the national flag of India.


S L300


Emerald – If you prefer wearing a classic gemstone, try Emerald! The dark green shade of this gemstone is popular worldwide and symbolizes growth and prosperity.


All these beautiful and colorful gemstones are available in stunning jewelry forms. Wear them as lovely pendants, charming earrings, beautiful bracelets, and more! Show off the beauty and significance of tri-colors of Indian National flag through these captivating gemstones that consist of rich green, saffron, and white colors! You can even gift enchanting gemstone jewelry to your loved ones on the occasion of Republic Day. Find numerous choices of gemstone jewelry online and buy scintillating jewelry from authentic online stores like Gemexi!

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