What Does Amethyst Birthstone Represent?

Amethyst stone is popularly known as the February birthstone for the obvious reason that it is the birthstone for people born in the month of May. Portraying exceptionally beautiful transparent appearance in the deep lavender shade, the amethyst birthstone represents many attributes. The gemstone has been in use for centuries and has got many Biblical references too. Its dark purple color simply represents aristocracy. Though the amethyst birthstone was earlier used only by the royal class, today, the stone has become a popular choice for numerous people around the globe regardless of their class or category.


Amethyst birthstone represents courage and bravery – The amethyst birthstone chiefly represents courage. The stone is considered to provide strong and positive energy to its wearer. It is also said to be helpful in healing any damage that occurred through wounds.


Amethyst adds strength to relationships – Using this February birthstone; you can invite strength to your various relationships. Be it a relationship of romance, parenting or something else, you can strengthen the relationship bonds with the help of amethyst.


Amethyst, the February birthstone, represent kindness & clarity of thoughts – The name amethyst has been taken from the Greek term that means sober. The stone is believed to purify one’s thinking procedure and instill good and positive thoughts. The human race is nothing without the attribute of kindness and when it comes to gemstones that help enhance kindness in their wearers, amethyst surely stands in the first place.


Amethyst birthstone represents self-control – It also gives you better self-control, especially, when you want to get rid of bad addictive habits like excessive alcohol consumption. The stone is also believed to provide self-control over the negative habits like violence, anger, and negative thoughts.


Healing Powers of Amethyst – While all the above points simply describe the popular characteristics represented by amethyst, let us now discuss the wonderful amethyst healing properties.


  • Healing uses in ancient times – First of all, amethyst was used in multiple remedies in the past. The saliva was applied to the stone and then it was rubbed on the skin to discourage the pimple growth.


  • Used for healing depression – Amethyst works great for people who want to get rid of depression. The stone helps combat depression by instilling positive thoughts and lucid thinking.


  • Used for enhancing beauty & glow – The amethyst birthstone is said to infuse and enhance the beauty in its wearer or user. You can simply notice that when you wear amethyst jewelry in the form of amethyst earrings, amethyst pendant or more, you see yourself glowing in the mirror! The stone adds a royal appeal to your beauty quotient!


  • Used to fight stress – Many people face a lot of stress in their daily lives. The busy schedules of life do not allow them to take a break from stress and anxiety. Amethyst works wonders for such people by letting them feel relaxed and happy.


  • Helps get rid of headache and stomach pain – Amethyst stone is not only used as beautiful and popular jewelry but it is also used as a healing stone that aids and contributes to the treatment of various types of illness. For example, the purple amethyst stone is known to be effective and helpful in illness related to lungs, head, and stomach. Be it lung infection, headache or stomach pain, using amethyst helps fetch good and positive results.

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