How to Choose a Crystal for Someone

From uplifting your confidence to enhancing positivity in your life and from ensuring your well-being to creating an energetic aura around you, crystals and gemstones do a lot of things for you so that you can enjoy a better life and become a positive personality. But how do you know which crystal is best for you? Well, every crystal and gemstone has its own unique properties. Though many of these properties can be commonly found in multiple crystals still specific gemstones and crystals are used for specific purposes. Thus, let us share with you some simple yet significant tips on how to choose a crystal for someone including YOU!


Identify your problems and try to find a good crystal for the same


One of the best ways to choose a crystal or gemstone is to first identify the weak areas or problems in one’s life. Based on these weaknesses and problems, you can choose crystals that provide a positive effect on solving your existing problems. Some of the examples have been quoted below:

  • Clear quartz – Used for enhancing energy levels
  • Citrine – Attracts wealth and prosperity
  • Tourmaline – protects you from negative effects
  • Selenite – Helpful in inner peace as well as meditation
  • Aventurine – For attracting good fortune and good chances in life


Select a crystal for which you feel attraction


Another simple way is to choose a crystal based on your attraction towards it. Sometimes, you must have surely noticed that when you are exploring and investigating various gemstones or crystals, you feel a special attraction towards a particular one. If this happens with you, go with your power of conscience and choose the gemstone/crystal that simply attracts you towards it.


Choose the crystals as per your choice of chakras


If you aim at creating balance or opening up particular chakras of your body, you should choose crystals accordingly. Different crystals have different capabilities of opening up various body chakras. Some of the examples for the same are:

  • Celestite – Used for the clearing purpose of all chakras
  • Citrine – Used for stimulating the crown chakra and for providing energy to the solar plexus as well as the root chakra
  • Yellow Jasper – Used for stimulating the solar plexus
  • Rose Quartz – Good for the heart chakra and provides emotional balance also
  • Angelite – Works on the throat chakra


Know about the healing qualities and effects of specific crystals and then decide


It is also a good and important way to first know and understand the qualities of specific gemstones or crystals and then choose one accordingly based on their healing, metaphysical and physical properties.


The best way is to discuss with a professional/expert


Last but undoubtedly, the best way to choose a crystal for someone is to discuss with a professional person who has extensive experience and knowledge about crystals/gemstones and their various healing effects. These experts or professionals have a strong base of knowledge on gemstones and crystals and they can give you amazing advice on which crystal can be perfect for you! Wearing the gemstones or crystals on the advice of professionals will also make you feel confident as then you will have no doubt about your crystal selection! Good luck!

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