Where Is Aquamarine Found?

Aquamarine is actually beryl. This beautiful gemstone is popular all around the world for its serene appearance that looks great with any precious metal when worked into fine and enchanting pieces of jewelry. The aquamarine crystal is also known as the ‘Sailor’s Stone’ because in ancient times it was widely used by sailors around the world. They believed that this beautiful looking crystal had an amazing power of protecting them. The hue of this gemstone reminds you about the tranquil water of the sea and thus, this lovely gemstone can be found in alluring shades of green-blue, bluish-green, light green and more. Generally, the gemstone has to be clear but as it contains few inclusions of iron, the final shade is a mix of green, blue and yellow colors. Aquamarine is the March birthstone and can also be used by other people who are looking for some specific qualities provided by this lovely looking crystal.


Places Where Aquamarine Found


The aquamarine crystal can generally be found in the gravel sedimentary deposits, cavities, and pegmatite-granite and also in the deposits of water pebbles. The original beryl crystals of this stone can sometimes be found in huge shapes and sizes. It is important to include in our aquamarine gemstone information that this stone can be sourced in the best of its quality from certain places around the world. Brazil tops the list in this reference and you can get the best quality aquamarine crystal or March birthstone from this country. The other significant sources of this amazing crystal include Brazil, Madagascar, Tanzania, Nigeria, India, and Myanmar.


Aquamarine Gemstone Information – Few Interesting and Important Facts


• This strikingly beautiful crystal has a lovely seawater kind of color including bluish-green, yellows, and greens.
• It is the birthstone for those who are born in the month of March.
• The crystal is also popularly known as the Sailor’s stone.
• It lets the user or wearer realize the significance of unconditional and true love.
• The aquamarine stone is also known to activate the heart chakra and instill the feeling of pure love in it.
• The stone is used in many therapeutic purposes also as it is known to provide a cooling, soothing and relaxing effect on the body.
• One of the most important facts about aquamarine jewelry is that this jewelry looks equally exciting and appealing to various skin tones and complexions.
• Those who are seeking balance in energy levels are advised to use aquamarine.
• The crystal is also known to provide inner peace and relaxation by filling the wearer or carrier with a calming energy.
• Use the stone for perfect mediation as it brings in focus and relaxation also.
• It is also a popular fact that using aquamarine also helps you achieve radiant and glowing skin.
• The stone is also considered wonderful in opening up your throat chakra. Hence, when you use aquamarine, you get the golden opportunity to sharpen your communication skills.


Use the beautiful and tranquil looking aquamarine stone and start enjoying a relaxed life!

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