What Is Amethyst Good For ?

Available almost all over the world, Amethyst is a beautiful looking gemstone that can be best sourced from places including Brazil, Uruguay, Africa, Italy, and Greece. The transparent texture, glossy appearance, and the lovely rich lavender shade make this gemstone highly attractive. If we talk about the Amethyst benefits, the list is quite long! The amethyst properties are deep and effective and thus, you find multiple significant amethysts uses. The amethyst crystal can be used in a variety of ways and for different purposes. To avail complete amethyst benefits, you need to ensure that you use natural amethyst crystal. Let us now discuss some of the significant amethyst uses and amethyst benefits.


Significant Amethyst Properties


• Keeps You Safe From Tension – If you have been wondering that what is amethyst good for, well, let us tell you that amethyst is good at many things. However, one of the most popular amethyst benefits is its power to provide relaxation to its user or carrier. When you carry or wear the amethyst stone, you get relief from any sort of stress. You feel relaxed and calm. Be it about your bad mood, irritating nature or anger, amethyst deals with every negative emotion and transforms it into a positive one.

• Invites Happiness and Positivity – Those who often worry that their life is surrounded by negativity and that, there is no happiness in it, can benefit from various amethyst uses. The stone is known to remove melancholy and sorrow. It invites happiness and joy in life.

• Activates Your Spiritual Consciousness – Amethyst meaning can be found in its deep spiritual purification and protection ability. The stone is known to activate your spiritual consciousness. It also works on your power of intuition and improves it. If you wish to excel in your spiritual knowledge and journey, you should surely seek help from this deep purple gemstone called amethyst.

• Provides Lucid thinking – For people who are often surrounded with confusing thoughts, amethyst comes as a blessing. It removes the confusion from the mind and provides clarity to your thought procedure so that you achieve lucid thinking.

• Prevents From Excessive Alcohol Consumption – One of the most popular amethyst properties is its amazing capability to stop people from drunkenness. The stone is widely believed to be connected with the wine God (who had poured all His wine) and thus, is known to prevent people from excessive alcohol consumption.

• Help Make Better Decisions – Be it your personal life or professional life, the value of the right decisions can never be ignored. The right decisions actually decide the future course of your life. If you have been facing the trouble of taking appropriate decisions in life, take help from amethyst. This richly purple colored stone called amethyst is an expert in providing you with the power and ability to make the right decisions so that you can move confidently and happily ahead in your life.


With multiple breath-taking designs and styles available in its wide jewelry range, amethyst stone can be worn in many appealing styles. Own a piece today and start enjoying multiple amethyst uses!

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