How to Clean Rose Quartz?

The gentle pink hue and the tender appearance of this soothing gemstone will make your heart melt right away! Yes! You guess it right! We are talking about Rose quartz stone – The stone of love, peace and coordination. When you use this gemstone of light pink hue, you get to learn about the significance of love. The rose quartz stone is known to stimulate and open up the heart chakra. Once you start using this gemstone, you will realize that you have started loving your own self. Bringing in inner peace and harmony, the stone teaches you to love yourself as well as others. It lets you accept others in a positive way so that you coordinate well with other people and turn them into your friends. To gain full benefits from any gemstone, it is important to keep them clean and charged. The knowledge of how to charge crystals will help you fetch the absolute benefits associated with specific gemstones that you own.


Rose Quartz Jewelry


The jewelry made of rose quartz has its own style and attraction. The foremost fact about this unique jewelry is that it looks truly outstanding as it definitely does not give that commonly found a sparkling and glittering effect. Rather, the rose quartz jewelry adds a very soothing look and elegance to anyone’s overall personality. You can wear rose quartz jewelry in the form of delicate pendants, small sleek earrings, chunky bracelets, and even more forms. The availability of designs and patterns in rose quartz jewelry will surprise you! If you use the amazing rose quartz jewelry, you should also knowhow to clean rose quartz. Knowing how to clean rose quartz will help you retain the power and gloss of your rose quartz jewelry. Let us discuss the same, now!


How to Clean Rose Quartz?


If you have been thinking about how to charge crystals or how to clean rose quartz in particular, let us tell you that doing the same is easy and simple. You need to follow the given below steps which are quite easy.


• Take a suitably sized glass bowl wherein your rose quartz jewelry can sit comfortably. If you have lots of pieces of the same, you are surely going to need more bowls.
• Fill the bowl with water. Make sure that the temperature of the water is at room temperature. It should not be too cold or too hot.
• Add a very mild liquid dishwashing detergent. Just two or three drops will be enough. Mix it well.
• Place the rose quartz earrings, rings or pendants in the bowl.
• Let the jewelry stay there for 15-20 minutes. If your jewelry needs a lot of cleaning, you can leave it for one to two hours. But do not exceed the time after 2 hours.
• Next, take out the jewelry and clean it using a gentle toothbrush or jewelry cleaning brush.
• Once it is scrubbed gently, wash the rose quartz jewels under the running water.
• Wipe off with a soft muslin cloth and your jewelry is ready to be used again!

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