Which Healing Crystals Are The Best For COVID-19?

As the coronavirus pandemic began to affect numerous aspects of our lives, the endless churn of this disturbing news flashing worldwide is also making mental confusion to the extremity. Due to the continuous attack, it can generate a constant cycle of anxiety and depression, make you helpless to the situation and threaten to compromise your health and energy. It is crucial to improve your subconscious well-being and keep it renewed to support the maximum sustainment towards a healthy lifestyle during the epidemic of coronavirus.


Being homebound and isolated during the COVID-19 dilemma has many people seeking different ways to cope and recover. Those who are interested in connecting on a global level, using crystals is a way to stay centered and relaxed during tough times. There’s something about earth energy, as many of us are restricted to our homes, so plants and crystals are these access to the ground energy that we can’t touch right now. Far from regular rocks, though, they are naturally occurring accumulations prized for their unique colors, shapes, textures, radiance, and purported energies.


Our blocked frequencies


But one may think about how crystals can help people from a therapeutic perspective. Crystals are a natural solid object, but they illuminate subtle dynamic frequencies.


As humans, the physical body comprises physical growth energy with frequencies, which consists of thoughts, feelings, experiences, and ideas. People get abandoned, holding on to these elements in their energy body, and, as a result, they work at a lower or molded frequency. Crystals allow our energy to attune itself to that of the crystal and provides the same to our body.


Getting in sync


Practitioners perform this in multiple ways like holding crystals, placing them on their bodies, displaying them on a platform, and using them in rituals.


Since crystal work deals with shock, healing, emotions, experiences, and more, thus it “comes up” in a healing session. Getting into crystal healing is a powerful concept for someone who is not used to it. Atheists may find support in concentrating on the specific qualities that individual stones signify and speculate on those, using the crystals as a leader to examine original thoughts and feelings related to a talk therapy session.


Healing Stones for Coronavirus



Amber is the gemstone to have by your side to clear anxiety and those stressy emotions that are just a constant of life. Amber stone dissolves all traces of mental and physical exhaustion, as well as aids in eliminating phobias and worries. If you’re suffering from hypertension or depression, Amber’s welcoming power will sustain your passions and continuously reminds you that your life is worth living.



Lepidolite is a stone of alteration. It helps you to get through changes with trust that everything will eventually turn out for the safest, and it produces as well as enhances self-love, endurance, and optimism. Its high lithium content is no accident, and for this, no prescription is required. In these stressful times, keep this tender healing stone on hand to produce a sense of smoothness and tranquillity during times of chaos.



When it comes to real holy wellness, true blue Kyanite comes close. It is an excellent stone to use in meditation, and this powdery blue gem instantly aligns with the body’s chakras. Kyanite does not hold negative pressure and never requires energetic cleansing. It can regulate and balance the chakras and eliminate energy blockages.



Howlite’s beautiful contrast of black and white is symbolic of the portrait that everything has its place. Howlite crystal helps in severing those harmful attachments and prepares you to process and go ahead in peace. The wake of such calming properties can help you in getting truly comfortable with yourself without any need to pretend to be anything but what you are.


Few more Coronavirus Crystals that can provide healing in many other ways:


  • Rose quartz (the love stone): This stone is suitable for finding, preserving, and growing all kinds of love. Young and passionate lovers popularly use them.
  • Labradorite (the magic stone): This stone is terrific for psychic abilities, priest work. 
  • Amazonite (the stone of courage): If you want to balance between intellect and intuition, this stone is for you.
  • Citrine (the money stone): This Crystal is popularly known for bringing abundance, wealth, and determination.
  • Amethyst: It is a very famous crystal and known as a purification stone for calming and stabilizing.
  • Agate: Use this stone for cultivating inner stability and easing anxiety.
  • Garnet: This crystal is fantastic for metabolism, creativity, and self-exploration.
  • Onyx: It is beneficial for building energy after prolonged illness or deficiency.
  • Moonstone: This crystal is considered as the feminine stone, which is useful for enhancing intuition and understanding.
  • Sodalite: It is a stone that stimulates the mind, beneficial for perception and self-awareness.

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