5 Calming Crystals for Stress Relief

Stress can influence everything we do, believe, or feel. It can also change our body functions. Stress can cause severe illness if it isn’t relieved. Early identification of the symptoms of anxiety is essential. It will assist in figuring out ways of coping and saving us from using unhealthy coping methods. We can endure and cope with stress differently, and the symptoms can also exhibit in different ways:

Some of the stress signs on the physical level are muscle tension, frequent colds and infections, diarrhea or constipation, indigestion, nausea, high blood pressure, heart problems, and menstrual problems. Also, some stress signs on the psychological level are the inability to concentrate, memory lapses, depression, anxiety, mood swings, frustration, lack of motivation, and self-esteem. Some behavioral stress signs are; increased dependence on coffee, smoking, alcohol, relationship problems, insomnia, aggressiveness, and anger outbursts.


Healing Stones For Reducing Stress & Anxiety


Some crystals can reduce stress efficiently. You may think of how Earth can carry a stone, which will help me calm down and be peaceful in times of tension and pressure. It may sound surprising for some, but gems have been used since old times for their calming and healing properties.

We have compiled some of the Crystals for Stress Relief, which will help you to stay calm and balanced.


1. Amethyst Crystal


Amethyst is our protector on days, we feel under pressure, and when everything is going wrong. This gorgeous crystal scatters negativity from our living while simultaneously draws positive vibes. Amethyst crystals can generate an energetic guard to protect us from contrary energies. It is connected with the crown chakra (or most spiritual of the chakras), amethyst can assist as a suggestion to view at the bigger picture and get in feel with our higher selves rather than permitting ourselves to be caught up in the stressful situation.


2. Blue Lace Agate


This soothing, light blue stone can be remarkably helpful in situations where interaction with others is severely lacking, stress is high, and the circumstances are very stressful. Blue Lace Agate is amazingly efficient in overcoming interaction difficulties and misunderstandings. It is also called the stone of expression; it can teach us to communicate without anxiety and frustration. This stone brings peace, tranquility, and releases all the anxiety that tensed situations bring.


3. Rose Quartz Crystal


This crystal with an unusual light pink color is supposed to be the stone of absolute love, self-love, or appreciation toward others. Self-care and kindness are essential for everyone during stressful times. It is also an excellent tool for sensitive balancing, keeping us centered during tensioned situations. Stress and anxiety are very exhausting feelings, and when they strike, it can be hard to think about anything else. Nonetheless, self-care and sympathy are essential during moments when you’re feeling down, and rose quartz crystals assist as a reminder for this.


4. Clear Quartz


Whether your fear is running deeper as an accumulation of complicated issues in your life, or it’s more of a surface-level response due to a long to-do list or a tiring day at work, clear quartz stone is here to aid you to find that internal sense of peace. This gemstone indeed does it all, and it’s often related to as the “master healer.” Keep your clear quartz close by and utilize it for anything that’s troubling you.


5. Lepidolite


This beautiful lilac crystal is one of the most powerful healing stones for stress. It typically contains lithium, which is practiced in anti-anxiety medication. It brings stability in stressful periods when we feel emotionally defeated or excessively worried. It can likewise diffuse any negativity. Lepidolite can help us to succeed in depression by promoting self-love and confidence. The tender lilac-rose Lepidolite relaxes the nervous system.

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