Enhance Your Friendship with Emerald

Man is a social creature, and he demands to focus on healthy relationships to reach a happy and fulfilling life. Strengthening relationships is, consequently, one of the principal motives of astrology, for which gemstones play a crucial role.

Emerald is the gorgeous green gemstone, a symbol of hope and everlasting love for centuries. It is comprehended to bring positivity and energy to relationships, enhancing them with confidence and mutual judgment. Thus it is considered as one of the Friendship Crystals.

It signifies the planet Mercury, which conveys wisdom and rational strength for the resident, preparing him to nourish his relationships with patience and trust. Before you carry emerald gemstone, you must discuss this with an expert astrologer to learn whether it is fit with your horoscope or not.


Impact of planet Mercury over Relationships


Mercury is an astrological planet that has a powerful influence on relationships, especially the love between a man and a woman. It is the planet of speech and communication, both of which have a direct impact on relationships. Therefore, auspiciously situated Mercury intimates strong relationships, which are improved by love and commitment. However, the ill arrangement of this planet can hamper discussion and weaken relationships. To succeed in these problems, the intense gemstone emerald can be helpful.


Natural Healing of Emerald


This stone is an influential healer of the body that is best known for revitalizing quality, fighting to age, growing weak organs, and broken tissues. It diminishes the disorder of heart, kidney, and even spine and muscular system. People in the past used this gemstone for operating the problems of eyes. Cleaning the eyes with emerald water can improve vision and also helps to soothe eyes. Wearing or carrying this stone helps in increasing fertility and supports women during childbirth. Drinking the emerald water may also assist in gastric pain and other old age problems.


Emotional Healing Powers of Emerald


It is assumed that this stone can mend heartbreaks and give the energy to overcome anxiety and other heartfelt heaviness. It presents hope and abundance and gives the power to create a light, vibrant mood. The healing properties of emerald help reduce negative energy and bring positivity, enhancing the ability to appreciate life in the most extensive way. It is thought that mastering the capability of this stone can intensify psychic ability.


Emerald – One of the Crystals for Friendship


This stone is linked with the Heart Chakra, which indicates it opens up this Chakra and makes the movement of positive energy through it. It accommodates to balance a person at an emotional level and refresh his life with new hope and spirit.

  • It teaches the virtues of patience and sympathy in the person, which goes a long way in building lasting connections with him.
  • Emerald not only assures a strong bond of love among partners by beginning love, loyalty, and responsibility in their relationship but also develops relationships with friends.
  • It also directs your relationships with siblings, relatives, and neighbors.
  • The positive power released by a good quality natural emerald helps the person to overcome negative sentiments and impart freshness to his contacts.
  • Many people fancy to use this gemstone for engagement rings, to obtain the benefit of the strong, decisive vibes given by it.
  • Presenting emerald to each other ensures to make love grow among a man and a woman.
  • In Greek mythology, this crystal was associated with Venus, the Goddess of Love and affection, and was known to serve the security of love.
  • It also relieves stress, which is the key factor in bringing the pain in relations.
  • In a nutshell, a natural emerald gemstone can be powerful in strengthening your relationships and bringing family bliss for you.

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