How Pukhraj Stone Brings Changes in your Life

In astrology, Yellow Sapphire is apprehended as a Pukhraj stone; it is a robust gemstone of Jupiter planet. If a person uses it properly, then it can give phenomenal progress to your life. This yellowish gemstone is recognized as the highest quality when it includes the minimum number of additions.


The gemstone represents the positive powers of Jupiter in Indian Astrology and Vedic Gemology. Nevertheless, before wearing the stone, an astrologer should get certainty and consent to ensure that the planet Jupiter is placed in a convenient position in the native’s birth-chart. Jupiter is a favorable planet and resembles the native’s wisdom, mind power, education, spirituality, fortune, happiness, and health.


Pukhraj is a beautiful stone of yellow color. There are various pukhraj stone benefits due to which it is used for multiple reasons. It is immensely strong and possesses the right amount of astrological and health benefits. It is associated with the most massive planet Jupiter and symbolizes the positive powers of the planet. So, if your “Jupiter” is ineffective or if you want the generous benefits in your life, it is advised to wear this yellow stone.


This gemstone is also famous for its restorative powers, which help a person carry good health and cure several complications, especially if it is suitable for the horoscope of the person who wears this gemstone with precise rituals. Yellow sapphire stone is linked with the digestive system, skin, and the different organs of the human body. In general, people with Sagittarius and Pisces Moon signs can adorn and see changes after wearing a yellow sapphire.


Benefits of Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj)


  • This yellow gemstone can change your life spontaneously. If you are determined and have dreams of preparing something great in life, you should make the best out of the benefits of pukhraj. Energized Yellow Sapphire strengthens your ambition power.
  • Jupiter is the implication of knowledge, prosperity, better health, associations, and overall well-being. These things can be achieved through Pukhraj stone. It also enhances the well-being of almost all aspects of life.
  • Pukhraj benefits allow one to enhance and improve their financial status. Prosperity, trust, respect, fame, and success can also accomplish by this gemstone.
  • If you are encountering any problem in your marriage or obstacle in marriage, then it is recommended to wear Pukhraj stone. This stone removes all the barriers of your marriage path. Yellow Sapphire also helps to boost your marital life.
  • This magical stone is also known to rejoin separated lovers and encourages them to start a new journey of their life.


Health Benefits of pukhraj stone:


As per Ayurveda, the bright Yellow Sapphire stone not only comfort you socially but also helps cure some severe diseases. Yellow sapphire must be adorned on the index finger of the right hand for better results.

  • This stone is associated with bones and is highly effective in treating joint pains. 
  • Yellow sapphire also works as a powerful antidote for cough problems.
  • Pukhraj also functions as a healing stone for people experiencing stomach sicknesses, jaundice, and a weak digestive system.
  • Yellow sapphire also supports to improve blood circulation.
  • It diminishes your recurrence and tendency to get angry.


Yellow sapphire for marital bliss


Apart from being worn on the engagement ceremony, a married woman can also wear the yellow sapphire stone. Astrologers say that wearing this crystal will bring marital joy in her life. It also eliminates married conflicts and fights in married life.

Jupiter is known to support women by spreading devotion and prosperity in their lives. Thus, all married women suffering from a problem with their married life can use this stone to attract happiness and success in their lives.


Pukhraj Benefits and Effects


Though impeccable yellow sapphires are considerate to people in general, these are most suitable and fruitful to Aries, Sagittarius, Pisces, and Scorpio ascendants. Again, people enthusiastic about achieving success, honor, and prosperity in the sectors of education, professorship, law, business & occupation, spirituality, religious teaching, charity, etc., are to be profited by yellow sapphires more or less. It also assists in attaining more prominent solace with spirituality. It supports the wearer in being restrained, defining the goals of life, and accomplishing them and making correct decisions. The best outcomes of yellow sapphires are attainable when Jupiter is well-placed in the birth horoscope.


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