Astrological Benefits of Wearing Ruby Gemstone

Ruby gemstone has been defined as ‘a drop of heart’s blood of Mother Earth.’ In India, Ruby stone is often known as Manik that is the Lord of the Gemstones. In India, it was believed that those who bestowed Ruby to honor Lord Krishna were affirmed of being reborn as a leader in future life. Ruby’s color varies from the lightest pink to the deepest red, also known as ‘Pigeon’s blood ruby.’ Light-colored rubies are acknowledged suitable for women and the more hidden rubies ideal for men. It is a beautiful gem amongst those who are in support and love, convincing more emotions than most of the other stones. Ruby is considered to be one of the most elegant of gemstones by the Bible and the classical Sanskrit writings. The Ruby gemstone cognates with the Sun, and is believed to maintain mental and physical health. Burmese ruby is the most common variant of rubies, as it is believed to be the most excellent source of original Red Ruby stone.


As per the Indian Astrology, Sun is the ruler of Ruby (Manik) gemstone, and people wear ruby rings to make the Sun strong in our horoscope. Meanwhile, Sun is an ultimate origin of energy on the earth, and its mighty powers are personified within this gemstone. Also, ruby is known as a commonly occurring gemstone organized on many minerals such as aluminum iron, chromium, and oxygen. Most importantly, the Sun means life, vitality, confidence, strength, passion, satisfaction, and this way, ruby gemstone benefits human beings. The power of wearing ruby stone is very high, and thus, one can gradually feel changes in their life after adorning ruby rings.


However, before wearing a ruby gemstone ring, you need to consult with a qualified astrologer because it has both negative and positive effects, depending on the location of the Sun in the birth chart houses. Astrologers first review the birth chart, and if the position of Sun is favorable in the houses, they will suggest you wear a ring, and the brave ruby stone effects will help accomplish high mountains in your life. At the same time, if the Sun is located on the contrary houses of your horoscope, it can entreat negative forces that can be dangerous to you, so it’s better to get precise consultation from the astrologer before you plan on wearing Ruby gemstone.


Top benefits of ruby stone


  • The Ruby gemstone is known to promote delight, carrier building, and enhance leadership skills of wearer. It will also aid a person against evil spirits, devils, and negative energies, and so on.
  • A Ruby gemstone ring will help a person attain name, fame, respect, and build their wanted carrier. It helps to improve creativity and self-assurance in the wearer’s life.
  • As per ruby stone astrology, it depicts the naval Chakra of the human body and helps to remove the anxiety and depression. After wearing a Ruby ring, an individual can observe the increase of self-confidence and enthusiasm in life. Meanwhile, it also supports controlling the infection related to the abdomen of the wearer.
  • The Ruby Gemstone rings also help significantly for those who work in the areas of medical, cloth trader, geologist, lawyer, engineering, and a stockbroker.
  • If someone is facing monetary or business obstacles, obtaining ruby stone benefits will invite fortune and prosperity in their life.
  • Receiving benefits of ruby by the couples who are facing difficulties in their relationship will see tremendous change, and it will surely make developments in their life.
  • It is said that ruby gemstone jewelry can improve communication and eliminate negative thinking, which prompts love, harmony, and peace in the wearer’s life.


Effects of ruby on each zodiac signs


Usually, Libra, Capricorn, Virgo, Gemini are not advised to wear ruby. But other zodiac signs such as Aries, Cancer, and Taurus are sometimes advised to take benefits of ruby stone for their professional and private interests. For a Cancerian, this gem could bring success and cure health problems, particularly in the eyes. Leos should wear ruby gemstone if they want to withdraw the sun being in the fifth house. The benefits of wearing ruby can also be observed by the zodiac Scorpio and Sagittarius. Piscean and Aquarius can only use this in a particular condition, and an astrologer would be the most qualified person to settle who should and should not.

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