How to Cleanse and Activate Healing Crystals?

I am a person who is fond of crystals not only due to its looks but also due to its healing power. If you’re practicing with crystals for strength and wellness, then you must follow crystal cleansing. The process to purify healing stones and crystals ensures that a stone is at its optimal state for giving and receiving energy. Over course, a crystal can convert dull and exhausted by absorbing conflicting energies. The more often it is used, the more often it requires to be cleansed.

There are many ways to restore a crystal, such as with sound, light, or even with some other crystals. Once a stone is being cleansed, it must be programmed by setting a purpose and activating it.


Cleanse healing crystals


Healing crystals are a significant enhancement to any self-care regimen. They can add enthusiasm to your home, evoke you of your business goals, and support you in attracting love. The method with gems is that you require making them your own and programming them with a specific purpose before they can commence working for you.


  • Sea Salt – Sea salt and water can help relieve your stone of unwanted energy. If the crystal is not fragile, using sea salt should be fine. Nevertheless, you don’t want to put a porous stone with lots of little holes or ridges in saltwater since it can get damaged. I usually leave the gemstone in the water overnight with dried sage, basil, or lavender to improve the bath’s cleansing effect.


  • Use running water – Holding your crystal beneath running water is a compelling cleaning method. As you start the process, ask the Universe to eliminate all of its negativity. I usually visualize a ray of white light around the gemstone as I do this, refining it and packing it with wisdom.


  • Place them beneath the full moon – On the subsequent full moon, you can place the crystals that you’d like to cleanse on your window threshold to cover up some of the lunation’s fresh energy.


  • Cleansing crystals with other crystals – I have also tried this prevalent method for crystal cleansing. One crystal is used with other gems, such as selenite or quartz, they are known for their strength to cleanse, recharge and purify. Smaller crystals like carnelian and hematite are also known for their purifying effects. Arrange a bowl of cleaning stones and place the gemstone that requires cleansing on top.


How to activate healing crystals


If your stone feels heavier than expected like it has lost its shine, then you need to enable and rejuvenate it. Try giving it some of your energy by speaking to it or sending it some essential life force power through your breath. Trust me; a little communication can go a long way!

Some people may find it strange, but I consider taking the stone out with me when I go outside to freshen up. I believe that a gemstone with healing powers also needs to soak up natural energy at the park or beach to start its powerful effect. Surrounded by refreshing energy, the crystal absorbs the rhythms of the other stones and becomes activated.


How often do I cleanse my stones and purify healing crystals


The more often you use a crystal, the more power it collects. A fantastic rule of thumb I learned is to clean all of your stones at least once a month


If an individual stone is feeling more substantial than usual, go forward and cleanse it. You don’t have to wait for a selected amount of time between cleanings. Cleaning your crystals monthly or as needed is essential for their health and our own. It may take some investigating to find your perfect method, but taking the time to cleanse crystals increases mindfulness in everyday life and helps us continue inner harmony.

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