How much Weight (Ratti / Carat) of Gemstone should you wear?

Gemstones are amongst the most potent remedies offered by Vedic astrology, and they are competent in bringing reliable and fast results. In some cases, people wearing gemstones can observe visible differences in either hours or days, which is why the value of gems as astrological treatments has progressed over the past few years. Therefore more and more astrologers are now recommending gemstones to their clients.


However, I have felt that wearing suitable gemstones alone is not adequate. Instead, knowledge of proper appropriate weights of these gemstones is essential as it can vary from person to person, depending on the horoscope. The quality of gemstones plays a significant role in obtaining results from the gem, as the gemstones with poor quality are not competent to produce substantial beneficial effects in most cases.


While looking at the weights of various gemstones, it should be noted that the appropriate weight of a suitable gemstone is an important rule, and it should never be neglected. I have seen that some of my friends are not profiting from their gemstones simply because they chose to use far less weight for their gems than those they had recommended by astrologers. They habitually did so either to save money or upon the direction of jewelers.


On the other hand, I have seen some people facing problems, only because they had worn much more massive stones than they were recommended. These stones are pretty much like medicines, which means that understanding the right medication for a problem alone is not enough, and we must also know the correct dose and frequency. 


Similarly, when a person chooses to wear stones much heavier than the ones suggested, it may start creating some side effects or problems for the person. It has to be kept in mind that many beneficial planets are placed in such orders so that they can offer better results when a specific amount of extra power is provided to those planets through their corresponding gemstones.


What is Ratti’s meaning in a gemstone?


Ratti is the unit for holding the weight of the gemstone. Each Ratti equals 180 mg. Ratti is a widely used unit in India for measuring the weight of astrological stones. Whenever we talk about buying gemstones, many concerns come to our mind. Which gemstone will befit? In which metal it will be mended? Where to buy and most importantly, what should be its weight? An astrologer correctly answers all these queries after calculating your birth chart and planets positions related. However, an insight can be given so that you can get a plan about gems.


How much Ratti of Gemstone should be worn?


While determining the Weight of Gemstone, one must consider some significant points.

  • Body-Weight of the Wearer.
  • Quality of the gem you are taking.
  • While wearing it, the stone should be large enough to get skin-contact.
  • The stone should not hinder regular Lifestyle.

Hence, one might presume that the weight range of 4-8 Carat is worn most widely. Any gemstone below 4 Carat is too scanty to make skin contact. Any stone above 8 Carat might be too bulky to handle.


Carat vs Ratti


Carat and Ratti, both are the units for measuring the weight of the Gems. One Carat equals 200mg. Carat is a globally used weight unit.


Conversion of Carat into Ratti


1 Carat = 1.11 Ratti

1 Ratti = 0.90 Carat


The most important point that one should always keep in mind before wearing a gemstone is that there should be no expectation of magic from the stone. Life does not change immediately after wearing a gemstone. The stone only helps in clearing obstacles or in providing you the necessary inner strength or quality to overcome them.

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