How to wear Ruby for Astrological Benefits?

Ruby is one of its kind and a very precious & valuable gemstone; it has made a loyal status from ancient times. It is the kind of Corundum, and it gets its gorgeous red color from Chromium. In India, we popularly call Ruby as Manik stone, and in Sanskrit, it is known as ‘ratnaraj’ which means ‘king of all gemstones’.


It is one of the gorgeous gemstones on earth. The color of Ruby gemstone varies from dark red to light pink; some transparent rubies are even more valuable than diamonds.


Significance of Ruby Gemstone


According to our Hindu Astrology, Ruby is advised to wear as per the natal outline of the wearer. And as per the Vedic Astrology, Ruby is associated with planet Sun. We all know that the Sun is the strongest planet in the solar system. It rules our physical health and energy and defines our self of self-esteem and self-projection in the world.


I gave a Ruby ring to one of my closest friends who was suggested to wear one, and after some time when we met, he told me how energetic he felt and how he grabbed all the center of attention. Thus I realized that if the planet Sun gives reliable results in someone’s horoscope, he or she must wear ruby for astrological benefits to raise the power of the planet Sun in their horoscope.


Ruby gemstone astrological benefits


If a person has positive effects on the Sun in his life, then he will be optimistic and loyal. They are going to deal with things with confidence and will get all the success in life.


  • This stone has a restorative effect on the heart as it manages the blood flow. It kills the germs and decreases the infection.
  • It brings prosperity, wisdom, and health to the people born in July.
  • The wearer can also be protected from the opponents and will be self-independent.
  • Wearing ruby gemstone helps in lung disease, spine-related issues, and diabetes and also improve the communication skills of the wearer.
  • Those individuals who are suffering from professional problems must wear this stone.
  • Those individuals who are facing professional problems must wear this stone.


Generally, Astrologers recommend this stone to people for growth in job, status, business, and acknowledgment. Traditionally, it is the birthstone of Leo sign; however, people with other zodiac signs can also wear it.

In India, we believe that in Kundali(Birth Horoscope) Sun bestows different results. The outcome corresponds to excellent and severe depending on the placing of its House. A well-placed Sun in Kundali brings the blessing of authority, fame, wealth, goodness, courtesy, and everything good. However, an ill-placed Sun adds many problems in life. For example, lack of concentration, disrespect, weak financial status, and ruined self-expression.


The correct way to wear ruby


I have known many astrologers for quite a long time, and they always used to tell me that all the stones are excellent and helpful, but you need to follow a particular process and manner to adorn it to bring good results. It is just the same as you need to take the medicines on the right and correct way to get specific health benefits. Thus, to comprehend the benefits of Ruby gemstone, you must assure the authenticity and character of the stone. Besides, it is necessary to purify the stone. I follow a specific way to purify and activate it before using, in which I dip the stone in a mixture of Gangajal, honey, sugar, milk, and curd a night before wearing.


The next morning, I offer prayers to Lord Sun and take his blessings along with the chant of Surya Mantra(Sun Mantra).


Om Suryaha Namaha


Thus I feel that the ideal time to wear Manik stone is in the morning. Additionally, the most suitable metal for the ring is gold and copper.

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