Healing Properties & Benefits of 7 Chakra stones

Chakra stones are an excellent tool for healing and balancing your chakras. You can wear them as jewelry like bracelets or pendants, or you can use any raw gemstones by placing them on your chakras. These Chakra stones are crystals, gems, and other compound minerals with unique properties. 


Each of the seven chakras has a vibrational frequency that is associated with a different color.


7 Chakras 7 Benefits


Chakra healing is a great way to balance your chakras and attain balance within your body and mind.


  • Developed overall health and well-being.
  • More significant and faster ability to improve your mental, spiritual, physical, and emotional issues.
  • Increased openness, memory, concentration, and mindfulness.
  • Positive outlook in terms of knowledge, perception of behaviors, and thought process.
  • Heightened creativity and better resourcefulness because of a better impression.
  • Sense of self-worth, self-esteem, and self- confidence.
  • Improved and sound sleep, better control over your emotions and patience.


From the above healing benefits of 7 chakras, it is clear that healthy functioning chakras positively move you into the life that you deserve.


I suggested one of these chakra stones to a friend of mine who was suffering from severe depression and a lack of motivation. So, I advised him to buy a sacral chakra, which helped him get out of his loophole of melancholy.


The unique feature of chakra crystals, which makes them excellent tools for energy healers, is their capability to store and transmit information in the form of energy and vibration.


Using these healing terminologies, we could say that every gemstone has its unique ”aura.” These features make crystals attractive for use in day-to-day as well as in professional practices.


Healing properties of 7 chakra stones


  • These Chakra stones help in stimulating and coordinating the heart to mental balance.
  • Crystal healing is based on the belief that stones or crystals have an essential healing frequency that can be initiated to contribute to moving energies around them. 
  • The drive then produced is directed and enhanced through these crystals. It then affects or enters resonance with the vibration or frequency of the chakra you’re focusing on.


Uses of 7 chakra stones


The most common method of using the stones is to arrange them on your body in your seven chakras” locations. You can use these chakra crystals as pendants, bracelets, and rings. Also, you can place the chakra stones in a room in your home or office. 


If you use chakra crystals for healing, you should select the proper stone for a suitable purpose, depending on what energy aspect or chakra you want to improve.


Chakra crystals are many times the primary objects when building personal altars and shrines. Also, it is vital to take proper care of your gems and regularly clean, charge, activate, and reprogram them.


Wearing benefits of 7 chakra stones


The seven chakra crystals or stones in chakra jewelry symbolize the seven energy points in the human boy: solar plexus, throat, heart, sacral, brow, brown. By merely using chakra symbols on any jewelry, stones, or stones, you can bring physical/mental/spiritual benefits. 


A relative of mine is the owner of a small business company. Their company was making fluent growth in the market for the last two years. But, somehow, in the last 2-3 months, the company was going through tough circumstances. The reputation of the company was sinking drastically in the market, the products and their relationships with the investors and shareholders were getting cynical. The customers were abandoning their company’s services. They got into self-doubts and were losing faith. So, I suggested that they meet an associate of mine who was also an astrologer. He gave him one of those chakra stones and told him to wear it as a pendant. 


He was taking antidepressants, but ever since he started using the stone, it helped him gain positivity and self-reliance in him. And with time, the conditions improved, and now his company is making big in the market and sailing smoothly in the rival markets.  


The positivity starts with the brain. And that’s one of the essential points why this jewelry works. It works by drifting the mind from negativity to be aware of the positivity & wisdom around us. It encourages the wearer to be more confident, open to the world of opportunities, and release the potential in us. You may ask, can anyone wear chakra jewelry. You don’t necessarily have to be experiencing any difficulties or low energy. 


Thus they help sharpen the mental focus to live a life full of energy and healing. The power we feel depends on our current life situations and affects our energy level. That is why chakra’s seven gemstones represent life segments.

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