Correct method to wear Astrological Gemstones?

Let’s talk about some popular astrological gemstones that you’ll consider because it’s necessary to know what you’re purchasing and why


Gemstones have unique importance in Vedic astrology. Gems are used from ages of ages to purify the obstacles cussed by planets. Back in the days before, only the kings and People with higher authority used to wear gemstones suggested by Astrologers and have their benefits. Still, now a day’s anyone can wear and get the gemstones’ benefits. Using gemstones for planetary relieved today prevalence is multiplying. The people who are keeping these gems are benefiting them in every aspect of life, even if growth in Business, education, sickness act gems are significant in Vedic astrology. Nowadays, from Bollywood to industrialists, everyone is taking advantage of gemstones. According to Vedic astrology, our nine planets represent the nine unique gemstones. Let’s discuss them and also what are the benefits of astrological stones.


  • Ruby – Manikya – Sun:- Ruby is the most expensive Gemstone worn for Sun, emitting red cosmic ryes and infra-red radiation. Benefits:- The wearer will achieve reasonable power, status, and prestige, particularly making him/her free from any severe abnormalities or disease.
  • Pearl – Moti – Moon:- Pearl is a full shining Gemstone in numerous varieties of shellfish. Benefits:- It increases the wearer’s self-confidence and enhances his/her mental faculties, promotes and creates a friendly working atmosphere around him or her.
  •  Coral – Moonga – Mars:- Coral is a precious Gemstone of bright red color and comes in lighter shades. Benefits:- It is most efficient in healing ailments like anemia, general debility, weakness, etc.
  • Emerald – Panna – Mercury:- Emerald is a refined Gemstone of green color. It is also known as Panna Gemstone. Benefits:- It is worn for Mercury and allowed cold green radiation to be absorbed by the wearer to have perfect control of sensitive portions, liver, tissues, lungs, vocal cord, tongue, and nervous system, especially recommended for and people in business writers, printers, etc.
  • Diamond – Heera – Venus:- Diamond is the Gemstone of white color. Diamond Gemstone is fit for all-around financial success and satisfaction. Benefits: By wearing this Gemstone, the wearer will get acknowledged for his systematic, orderly, and upright strategy to life’s obstacles.
  • Yellow Sapphire – Pukhraj – Jupiter:– Yellow Sapphire Gemstone, its name suggests, is Gemstone of light Yellow Color. Benefits: It is communed for financial prosperity and comforts and is particularly suitable for those engaged in Business or industry.


Now, let’s talk about Correct Procedures to wear astrological gemstones.


A gemstone must be worn only post reference of an accomplished astrologer. While Yantras are common and have no side effects, Gemstones cost a lot and can have deadly side effects as they boost the planet’s power for better or worse. Hence they should only be used after proper inspection and worn alone for worlds, which are beneficial in the chart.


A colleague of mine went on a business tour to meet our company’s client to finalize a deal. When he came back, he was wearing a ruby pendant. He was pleased with the purchase. We conversed about how gorgeous it was over a coffee, and things went by. After a week, I guess he could not concentrate on his work and become very private and harsh. We talked about his issues, but somehow, I felt it was occurring because of something recent. So, I asked a family consultant and astrologer of mine. So, he felt the problems and anxiety were because of the ruby that clashed the energies with the blue sapphire ring he wore. He told him to don’t wear both at the same intervals and wore ruby on the first three days of the week and the sapphire on the last four days of the week, and everything got pleasant with time.


Astrologers suggest that people wear some gemstones together and prohibit some stones not to wear together based on their celestial forces.


Our fingers represent all the benevolent astrological points and are affiliated with all the vital organs of the body. Therefore, wearing gemstones in rings will bring more promising results than wearing it in another form of ornament.


As per astrologers, gemstones that are used together should be based upon the friendly planets. People should know how to wear astrological gemstones if they are wearing two stones at one time if their representing worlds share cordial relations. On the other hand, if stones represent different planets, they should not be worn at a time.

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