Popular Gemstones – Their Features & Indian Names

A gemstone is a precious or semi-precious stone that can be cut and polished for use in jewelry or other ornamental applications.


So, now we are going to discuss some popular precious gemstones in India. All gemstones are recognized valuable since they are all rare, and there is an inadequate supply of them. Considering all the stones come in terms of precious and semi-precious, but some are more valuable and unique. According to studies, there are currently more than two hundred categories of gemstones in the world. 


The prestigious list of gemstones that are considered precious stones are:-


  • Diamond:- A diamond is one of the best-known and most sought-after gems. Most diamonds have some tinge to them, usually yellowish in tone. Indeed colorless diamonds are scarce and quite valuable.
  • Ruby:- It is one of the most highly useful gems in the context of quality and price. The shade of the stone varies from red, orange-red, slightly purple-red to heavily purple-red.
  • Sapphire:-It is a highly popular gemstone and is one of the big three in the industry. It usually comes in a plethora of colors with about seven different hues. 
  • Emerald:- It is again one of the most valuable gems. The color varies from strong blue, bluish-green, slightly bluish-green to yellowish-green.


Some days ago, a colleague of mine discussed why these rare stones are so costly. Some of the most precious gemstones in the world are amazingly expensive and sold over several millions of dollars because of their rarity. 


But people also buy different types of famous gemstones that are semi-precious but also have massive demand in the market. Here I’ve summarised the seven most famous and popular gems. These Precious gemstones benefit in various ways. 


  • Amethyst:- “The All-Purpose Stone” helps relieve stress and anxiety and can help with mood swings, and immunity.
  • Rose Quartz: “The Love Crystal” helps heal your heart from pain and disappointment and helps create stable relationships.
  • Green Jade:- “The Stone of the Heart.” The Green Jade symbolizes peace, tranquility, and purity and brings good luck, fellowship, friendship, and harmony. 
  • Clear Quartz:- “The Master Healer” brings in divine white light and connection to higher-self, higher consciousness, higher wisdom, and unconditional pure love.
  • Citrine:-“The Light Maker.” Citrine is a gemstone that carries the energies of the sun and is as bright as its energy.
  • Black Tourmaline:- “The All-Round Protector.” Black tourmaline is famous among healers for its shielding and grounding characteristics.
  • Hematite:- It will eliminate any negative feelings caused by tension or stress and make you feel relaxed and focused again.


Not a long time ago, an associate also a companion of mine, was going through some hardships. All the construction projects he was working on were encountering obstacles. His ideas were getting refused by his company’s investors; the sites he was working on were having minor mishappenings every day. He was concerned about the laborers working on this site. So, I introduced him to contact a family astrologer of mine. They conversed about his dilemmas and told him to acquire a green jade buddha and place it in a safe place in his cabin, also small hematite in a frame to hang on the wall. Just a week after that, everything got sound. He successfully made firm relationships with his current and long-standing clients; also, mishappenings slowly got to none.


We reviewed the features of popular gemstones. So before getting excited and jumping on the conclusion, you will need the insights into the product and trust that the person who is selling the stone also looks after the weight of gem, origin, clarity, and color. Usually, all the gemstones come along with lab reports specifying the cut, color, clarity, and weight of the stone. They might even include details of the treatments they have undergone. While looking forth to purchasing the best stones, you should review your budget and match it with your taste. A gem of small size, but the essential quality will be equal to a large gem of minor quality. 


Most of the merchants in India have diverse names for all the gems, some of those Indian names of popular gemstones are:-


  • Diamond:- Heera
  • Yellow Saphire:- Pukhraj or Kanak
  • Blue Saphire:- Nilam
  • Red Coral:- Moonga
  • Pearl:- Moti
  • Emerald:- Panna 
  • Ruby:- Manik
  • Cats eye:- Lehsuniya

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