Astrological Guide to wear Moti (Pearl)

Pearl is a beautiful gemstone that is widely available. It also uses an extensive amount of experience and hard work to produce a natural pearl gemstone. Besides its attractive appearance, the grey or white color pearl stone is renowned for being the birthstone of June and the Moon’s birthstone.

This stone is known for its medicinal attributes. Therefore, one should know the astrological benefits of wearing a pearl.

  • It improves the Moon’s power, which means softness, beautiful eyes, love, family life, a calm mind, and many other valuable things.
  • A person experiencing a tense mind, indecisiveness, worry, and uncertainty in life is suggested to use pearl stone.
  • Pearl is suggested for those who get annoyed quickly and lose their rage.
  • It removes the ill effects of the Moon and strengthens the mind.
  • It helps in reducing discomfort during sleep.
  • The stone is also recommended to those persons who are suffering from reasoning dilemmas.

The best variety of Pearl available in the market which can be used for Astrological Purpose

There are two main categories of Pearl stone available – freshwater and saltwater. Freshwater Pearls are grown in human-made lakes, and Saltwater Pearls gemstones are discovered naturally in the sea. Saltwater Pearl is considered the most desirable and high-quality gems.

White pearls are the third most attractive and expensive type, but this stone is additionally available in blue, silver, and gold color—most people fancy white pearl stone. Black and a golden shade of Pearl are also very popular among Gemstone jewelry lovers. Golden pearl stone is the most engaging type of gemstone.

Some of the variety of pearl: –

  • Golden pearl: – It is combined with Jupiter and the Moon together. This stone will give the gains of both the planets collectively. In ancient times, Queens carried golden pearl gemstone jewelry, and still, their necklaces can be observed in the museum. Rulers used this stone to serve the wine to the guests. Golden pearl is most desirable for the delay in marriage, marriage associated difficulties, and conflicts between husband and wife.
  •  Black pearl: – Dark and exotic black pearl stone has caught the vision of women and men. Black pearls are a hundred times rarer than golden and white pearl gemstones. They have higher brilliance. According to ancient beliefs, black pearl is compared with wealth and peace in life.
  • White Pearl – In astrology, this Pearl is associated with innocence, honesty, and respect. White pearls are ideal in pearl jewelry. The white pearl stone necklace has been a hallmark of completeness and beauty.

A colleague of mine got married a year ago. And it was their first marriage anniversary. I was pretty unclear about what I should give them on that occasion. So, I thought of giving them both a ring, but then too, I was quite unsure of which gemstone ring I should give them. So, I spoke to my astrologer & he told me that pearl stone could be given. He advised me that these pearl stones improve marital relations by developing appreciation and peace in a healthy relationship. He also told me countless perks of wearing pearl ring in index finger. So, I decided that giving pearl rings would be the best catch for this moment and told them to carry the ring on their index fingers for the best results.

How to wear a moti?

  • Soak the ring in unboiled milk, honey, and clear water and leave for 20 to 30 minutes.
  • Chant the mantra 108 times: Om Sumaye Namah
  • Take the pearl out of the container, and wear it immediately on the little finger of the right hand.

Things to keep in mind when you are going to use Pearl:

  • The pearl shouldn’t weigh larger than 5 carats
  • Carrying a pearl ring on little finger should only happen on a Monday
  • The best time to be using a pearl ring is between 10 am, and 11 am
  • It would be great if you only were carrying a pearl ring on the little finger of your right hand.


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