Gemstones Should Touch The Skin While Wearing

Gems have the potential to increase or decrease planetary influences and diminish the effects of individual planets according to one’s birth chart. One must choose gems with caution or guidance from an expert astrologer because gemstones could negatively affect one’s life if worn inaccurately, this situation can likewise sometimes be faced if the gem is not being in constant contact with the body.


Not long ago, a colleague of mine conversed with me of him being a little confused about buying a gemstone. Mainly he wanted a blue sapphire, but he was not sure enough about the purchase. He bought it after some time but wasn’t sure that if he should wear it or not because he was overthinking a lot. I recommended him to talk to an astrologer friend of mine and discuss his concerns. He told him to carry that in his pocket for some time so that he can observe some results if the gem is doing it’s working or not. A week later, he was advised to get that sapphire and wear it as a pendant so it can stay closer to the different chakra’s of the body. Soon, after he started noticing changes in his life, becoming more focused and experiencing harmony in his daily routine, and changing his outlook to do gemstone work even or not. So, wearing the gem correctly is also crucial to see the desired returns in one’s life.


Most of the time people ask that how do gemstones work scientifically. These stones absorb the cosmic energy from the heavenly bodies and use them on your body to produce relevant help. 


Gemstones hold the planet’s infinite powers in the form of color-coded frequencies through our solar system, which are then rooted in our body through a ring or pendant. 


If you carefully observe the color of the gem and its corresponding planet, you will answer. Like, blue sapphire & Saturn are Blue, emerald & Mercury are Green, golden sapphire & Jupiter are yellowish, red coral & Mars are red, pearl & Moon are white and so on.


This gemstone receives the associated radiation from the corresponding planets. It allows the particular type of energy passed through your body, which makes it practical, and therefore they heal your problems. Most of the Ratnas are recommended to carry as a ring on the finger because the stone must touch one’s body so that the cosmic lights can enter one’s body. However, these gemstones will show their real effect only when you choose an authentic stone. And because of not choosing a real gem, people do not benefit and end up disbelieving the impact.


Effects of gemstones on skin and how these Gemstones help in influencing the well-being, prosperity, and the skin with this energy. This treatment spins around the belief that all matter is made of energies, and crystals have the power that resonates with the vibrations in the human body.


These crystals are gathered naturally from the earth, so it is essential to secure the benefits in skincare. Healers have been utilizing gemstones to regulate chakras and balance a person by power. So, why wouldn’t we move toward putting them directly on the surface of our skin?


While there isn’t any accurate analysis of the conclusions of gemstones and the health of the skin and body, it can nourish the vibrational energy in the room and help clients relax.


Now, there are many gemstones currently being practiced in the therapy rooms, all with very unique qualities. Many products have antimicrobial, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory characteristics, but the precious minerals found in crystals and gemstones can tone, firm, and restore the skin.

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