How to Tell If a Diamond is Real

The most straightforward and most efficient method to test a stone to detect whether or not it’s a diamond is to acquire a relatively affordable diamond tester. Otherwise, you might want to study a higher-end, more expensive tester that can recognize a broader range of diamond options.

If you’re not familiar with a diamond’s composition and elements it natural to think that how can you tell if a diamond is real? you may think that a gemstone is a diamond when it’s an entirely separate stone-like cubic zirconia or moissanite. For this reason, it’s important to know how to find a real vs. fake diamond.

An associate of mine and I discussed how people are getting mugged on acquiring fake gems regarding them to be genuine and authentic. We came over a surprising story as we were browsing and gathering info on such thefts on the internet of our research. But, this was quite an extraordinary one, and such jackpots are rare these days. This incident occurred, I guessed in 2017, but it was not a theft but sheer luck. 

 This next story may force you to take a good look inside your jewelry box. A lady purchased a big diamond that they believed was just a part of costume jewels knowingly that it was a copy. It rounded out to be a 26.27-carat white diamond. It was a sharp cut stone that wasn’t so brilliant. The buyer had no hint that it was real and wore it every day. But, somehow, that diamond was auctioned at a heavy price of $450000. This incident clearly states that one should always get a diamond tested to know if it’s a fake or not. 

If you’ve obtained a gift of gems or jewelry, you’re probably wondering whether the stones are real diamonds, other white gemstones, or manufactured imitations. We’ll take a look at 2 of those diamond tests and let you know which will most help you spot a fake diamond. Better yet, we’ll tell you what these tests mean for your gem.

If you’re shopping for a diamond, you won’t be able to perform all these tests. Instead, be sure to buy from a reputable dealer with a good return policy. If the gem doesn’t have a certificate from a gem laboratory, ask if they’ll send it to the lab. 

How to identify a real diamond by performing some easy tests:-

Test a Diamond With Water 

Drop the stone into a glass of water and see how suddenly it falls to the ground.

  • What do the Results Mean?

Diamonds are solid and will sink quickly, while particular copies will fall gradually. If the gem doesn’t rapidly sink to the bottom, it’s likely to be a glass or quartz imitation. This test is known as the diamond water test.

Test a Diamond With Fog

Before you begin, make sure your gem is cleaned. Dirt and oil can change your results. Blow on the gem and immediately take a look at it. Does it fog up? How lengthy does it stay fogged up?

  • What do these Results Mean?

Diamond and moissanite shouldn’t fog up for longer than a couple of seconds, but other copies will. Some of the boundaries of this test are that ambient heat and moisture could also alter the test results. This test is known as the diamond fog test

 Believe it or not, there are too many artists out there attempting to sell you a piece of plastic or glass, pretending it to be a valuable stone. Beware!

So, it is essential to be alert and educated while purchasing this precious stone with many cheap and fake alternatives in the market.

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