Mostly Asked Questions about Red Coral (Moonga, Stone)

Red Coral gemstone, also known as Praval or Moonga, which is ruled by Mars/Mangal, is one of the popular gemstones that is known to the astrological world. It is an astrological gemstone worn to assure progress in leadership roles, sports, business, and health.


It’s common to be curious about who can wear these coral stones and the features of Moonga Stone that one should look out for, we have answered some of the basic questions that may arise in your mind: –


Question 1. Do we need to discuss with an astrologer before buying this stone?

It is suggested to wear this gemstone only after the expert guidance of an accredited astrologer. As the planet Mars rules this stone, it is prudent to get it checked by an astrologer whether your horoscope will be absolutely affected by the gem or negatively.


Question 2. How to buy an original Red Coral Stone?

Based on your horoscope, if the astrologer advises wearing a coral stone, acquire a high-quality Moonga stone from a certified gem supplier. Ensuring that the Coral gemstone that you purchase is genuine and real as an artificial gem can lead to adverse results in one’s life. buy gemstone from an authenticate seller who has a genuine name and certificate.


Question 3. When to wear this stone after buying?

The perfect time to wear this ring is on a Tuesday morning during Shukla Paksha around dawn. This will make sure that you are adorning this with a lot of positive and healing energy.


Question 4. What should be the Ideal weight of Red Coral Gemstone?

The weight of the stone should be at least 1/10th of your body weight; if you are 50 kg in weight, then the stone should mean of at least 5 carats. Ordinarily, 3-4 carat stones can also be used. 5-8 carat stones are mighty. Anything more than that should only be worn if blistering is not a matter because substantial parts of red Coral will considerably increase one’s the internal temperature.


Question 5. What are the healing benefits of Red Coral Gemstone?

Moonga Stone Benefits that one can acquire are:-

  • Success in Team Management, Administrative, Leadership Roles– Associated with aggressive planet Mars, red coral stone profits the wearer by improving his team improvising skills. Known to teach independence, leadership, and focus, it is highly advised for people working in the Army, Police, Sports, or other businesses where a great deal of physical and mental endurance is demanded.
  • Profitable of people in Real Estate Business – In Vedic astrology, Mars is identified as the ‘Bhoomi Karaka’ ruling land and property. Thus, Munga stone serves people serving in real estate, interior decoration, mining, oil exploration, and physical asset administration industries.
  • Better Digestive Health & Immunity – Health benefits of red Coral excel almost every other gemstone because of its capability to restore digestive, circulatory, and psychological well-being. It is worn to increase immunity and the mental strength of the wearer.

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