Is it okay To Swim with Sterling Silver

Most people like to go to some beaches or pools on hot sunny days along with their favorite accessories. These accessories may include hats, sunglasses, or some of their favorite jewelry as well as we all know that seawater contains lots of salt while almost all pools contain chemicals like chlorine. 


Chlorine is a really harmful chemical for the skin as well as for jewelry also. It will damage any kind of jewelry. When it comes to sterling silver, it will get tarnish due to many things.  It gets tarnished by its use for a long time. Chlorine can ruin sterling silver badly. Without knowing this, some people go in the water with the silver jewelry on. 


All kinds of metal can get tarnished due to chlorine and saltwater, as gold and silver have alloy in them to make the metal harden. Alloy reacts with the salt water and chlorine in the water. That is, the main behind silver get tarnished in water. It is important to clean the ornament after every visit to the pools or sea to protect from any kind of damage caused due to chlorine.


It is suggested to keep the silver and gold ornaments away from the moisture and humidity, which will help the wearer, keep the silver jewelry’s color the same as the new one.  


If by mistake, anyone jumps in the pool wearing any kind of silver ornament, don’t rush to open them to protect from tarnish. Silver doesn’t react immediately with chlorine. You can protect your jewelry by washing it as soon as possible with the clean water and the dry cloth’s help. 


Sometimes, your sterling silver gets wet due to sweat, which can also damage your jewelry. Our sweat contains excessive salt, and when it comes in contact with the saltwater on a regular basis. There are high chances of tarnishing due to that sweat. 


The only way to keep safe and shiny your sterling silver jewelry is to clean the ornaments regularly. Along with that, just keep your every jewelry metal away from the pool water as well as seawater also.

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