Top Six Winter Gemstones – As cold as Ice

Various people like the winter season more than any other season. But certain people are suffering from diseases like arthritis, cold, flu, etc. which gets activated during the winter season. Some stones are there, which are also known as the winter gemstones or winter crystals. Such crystals and their healing properties are as follow:

  1. Bloodstone: It is used to strengthen the immune system. It helps the person in curing diseases like cold and flu. This crystal helps in uplifting the entire body’s energy and helps in fighting against infections and viruses. It is very helpful for the person during the entire winter season by giving the extra boost to the immune system, extra energy to fight against the various diseases which come with this season. 
  2. Carnelian: The orange colored gemstone, carnelian helps to revitalize the mind, the body as well as the spirit of the wearer. It helps in relaxing the body and emotions, which sometimes stirred during the winter season. It even provides support in problems like cold, flu, fever, etc., which are common in the season of winters. Even its color as well brings joy and happiness in the wearer’s life. 
  3. Malachite: It helps eliminate stagnation and congestion and builds up communication between all the parts of the body. During the time of illness, this communication between the body parts is important for efficient healing. It becomes easy to deal with the illness for the people who wear this therapeutic gemstone malachite’s strands. It helps in easing the discomfort and speed up the recovery and healing. Some people also called this stone a snow gemstone
  4. Yellow Sapphire: Sapphire comes in various colors, but specifically, yellow sapphire has lots of invaluable healing powers and works amazingly during the winter and rainy season. The yellow rays which are carried by this yellow gemstone help in fulfilling the color deficiency, which is caused by reduced exposure to the Sun. This is an amazing stone that can fulfill about 80% of the requirement of sunlight during cloudy days.
  5. Agate: Winter season can be difficult for the people who love nature and outings to remain inside without exploring new places. This stone helps in filling the wearer with the color rays. It helps in improving the communication within the wearer’s body and sends an alert to the brain about any kind of deficiencies. This is also known as Ice gemstone, as it really helps during the season.
  6. Amber: Amber is made up of fossilized resin, which comes from historic trees. It takes almost 40-50 million years to get perfectly formed Amber. It is a natural organic gemstone in the rich color of the Sun. 

These are the gems associated with ice and help the wearer remain healthy and wealthy during this season. This might be difficult for some people to live healthily as various diseases get worse at this point in time.

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