What Does it Mean When Your Crystal Breaks or is Lost

Some crystal healers believe that superstitious or few valid reasons behind people don’t have a whole crystal without any crack or broken with themselves. Such people have lots of questions in their minds like what it means when a crystal breaks, what they can do with the broken crystal, etc. Then the answer to all such questions is here. 

Here we first talk about the reason behind the crystal break. There might be various reasons by which crystals generally break. Some of them are as follow: 

  1. Sometimes there is no reason behind the crystal break. It is just a simple theory of science. 
  2. If a crystal gets broken more than once, well, in that case, the work of that particular crystal might have completed, and now it is time to give that stone to someone who needs the one more than you.  
  3. Sometimes the energy of the stone (especially quartz) is the reason why the stone got cracked or broken. 
  4. Many people who carry the crystal with themselves have a complaint that they dropped the crystal, and it breaks.
  5. Regular use of this crystal without cleansing them or recharge them. They might get crack as they need some rest and cleansing, which will help them to recharge. 
  6. One more reason crystal crack is they might not be compatible with their energy anymore. Energies are made of certain vibrations, and if these vibrations are too strong, they can damage the stone.  

The second most frequently asked question is the reasons why crystals are often lost. Well, the reason for the crystal being lost is that the crystal has completed its work for the wearer, and the wearer doesn’t need its energy anymore. Now it is the time to give the crystal to someone else who needs it more. 

The third most asked question is what to do with broken crystals, and they are useful anymore. Then the answer is yes, they still can be used as healing crystals. If a crystal gets cracked or broke, it doesn’t mean the stone has lost its metaphysical properties or power. It depends upon the wearer that they want to or don’t want to use the broken crystal’s energy or powers. Broken gemstones also can be used as the chakra plate as a decorative stone in any pot of the garden or a vase etc. 

Remember to clean your crystal from time to time to work properly without any interruption and problem. It also protects your crystal from getting broken or any crack. 

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