How to Use your Intentions to remove Obstacles

We all know the healing properties of crystals, and for many reasons, they have been used as healing gemstones for various reasons. They are programmable when place under the light and their energy are very effective. It means you will be able to program your crystals with any desire, goal, or intentions you have in your mind, and the requirement of vibrational frequency to connect with you doesn’t matter in this. 

Although no one has control over various things, we can control ourselves, including our mindset, behavior, and choice of free-time activities. Generally, people try to change the external circumstances, but they didn’t focus on inner health. It is time to focus on the inner environment. This crystal practice will help the wearer clear all the obstacles and use your desires as the guide to achieving whatever wearer want to in their lives. 

There are some practices which most of the crystal healers. For such practices, all you need are as follow:

  1. Citrine stone: While holding this stone under the light, it will remind you to stay positive, ultimately overcoming the entire obstacles.
  2. Smokey Quartz crystal: This crystal is used to guide you to remove all the negativity and also helps you to let go of things easily. 
  3. Phantom Quartz: Crystal represents growth & patience and inspires you to push yourself to break through blocks and do things or thoughts out of your comfort zone.  
  4. Tiger’s eye stone: Tiger’s eye will help the wearer shift the perspectives and broaden the mind to see life differently and grasp new possibilities. 

When you have all the crystals with you, it is time to go deeper with this thought of exercise. The wearer can do this by asking themselves a certain question like Am I doing the same in my life, which I want to do? Thinking about the same things and doing the same things? Are they working? Am I achieving my goals & express my intentions? If the answer is no, time to change things. 

After reflecting on your current thoughts, beliefs, patterns, or behaviors, it is time to think about their impact on life. If the wearer’s thinking has shifted or changed, that happened in their lives. 

Then think about the three thoughts that wearer wants to eliminate from their life and three thoughts they want to incorporate. Choose three beliefs that set certain limits or three self-destruction behaviors that wearer wants to up-level into their life. 

After creating the list that the wearer wants and doesn’t want, then take each crystal and program it according to your intentions and desires. This might be different from person to person. There is no particular way to program the crystals. You have to trust yourself & your intuitions. 

Protecting and clearing your crystals is very important to programming your crystals according to your intuitions or desires. With the regular working on the stones & the intentions, they hold until you shift your life expectations. You can repeat such a programming process when you feel that the crystals’ energies are not working properly or want the energy on your new intentions. You can use this process to reset its energy. 

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