Powerful Crystals to Set New Year’s Resolution and Intentions

New Year remains incomplete without some solid resolutions and objectives. If you have tried making resolutions in your past and feel disappointed for not being able to stick to them in the long run, this New Year, take the help of some matchless and powerful crystals that serve as the best companions for your resolutions. Take a tour of the top energetic and helpful crystals that give you the vitality needed for following your New Year goals.

  1. Get Tons of Confidence with Carnelian – Confidence is the key to success! Without confidence, one is not able to pursue even the smallest of dreams. If you feel a lack of confidence and courage, own the stunning Carnelian. It will provide you all the essential power as well as self-confidence. Additional benefit – you would also learn to stay happy with Carnelian! 
  2. Discover Love in Your Life with Rose Quartz – If finding love is your resolution for the upcoming New Year, you ought to have the beautiful pink colored Rose Quartz with you. Instilling passionate feelings of sheer love in oneself, Rose Quartz is regarded as one of the best crystals to find your soulmate. The crystal is also known to mend the wounded hearts.
  3. Leave Your Bad Habits Behind with Amethyst – We all have some sort of bad habits. Why not say goodbye to these habits this year? Well, if you have resolved to remove bad habits from your life, it’s time to shop the enchanting Amethyst. While you set off to leave bad behaviors and bad habits behind, the amethyst will help you throughout your journey.
  4. Kick Start Your Fitness Journey with Red Jasper – Many of you must be surprised to know that healing crystals can even contribute to your fitness regime! Don’t believe us? Bring home Red Jasper and observe how passionately you get involved in your workout sessions for a fit and healthy body. The Red Jasper is known for providing immense energy levels and stamina. Therefore, it is the perfect crystal for people who have decided fitness as their New Year’s resolution.
  5. Learn to Say No with Tourmaline – Many times, we fall into difficult situations because we find it difficult to say ‘No’! If this is the case with you and you want to learn doing the same this year, own Tourmaline. It will give you the courage and gut to say ‘No’! 
  6. Get Lucidity in Your Thoughts with Clear Quartz – Do not know what you want in your life? Shop for the beautiful Clear Quartz and bring lucidity in your thoughts. Whether it is about complicated situations of life, taking tough decisions, or deciding the main objectives of your life, Clear Quartz will provide you incomparable clarity so that you can think without any confusion.
  7. Add New Dimensions to Your Career with Citrine – There are times when many of us feel that we are jammed in our careers. We don’t know what to do and how to proceed towards better career opportunities. In such situations, Citrine comes as a savior. It gives you the much-needed concentration, clarity in thoughts, and boosts your energy levels so that you can add a new dimension to your career.

Just set your resolution and choose a crystal that helps you follow the same. Stay confident and get ready to celebrate New Year 2021 with maximum zeal! Wish you a very Happy New Year!

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