7 Best Crystals for Meditation

Do you want to live a peaceful and healthier life? Do you want to attract more money? Are you looking for your soul mate and deeper friendships? Do you want to enhance your psychic abilities, spiritual awareness, and move towards the path of enlightenment?
If your answer is YES to any of these questions, then Meditation is for you.

Thoughts of anxiety and stress can interrupt your ability to meditate. Using crystals in meditation practice can help you channel your thoughts into the crystals and relax your minds.

Each crystal has its frequency and healing properties that can help you to be aligned and soak its benefits. Crystals act as an intention holder, and using a crystal in your meditation practice can help you to shroud the chatter of day to day distractions and helps you to connect with your mind and spirit.

How to use Crystals for Meditation?

Different crystals have very different energies. If you are new on the journey of Crystal meditation, it is better to do some research depending upon the benefits you are looking for and the outcomes you are seeking.
And if you are a person who often goes with your gut, then choose the crystals based on your intuition. Choose the crystal you are most drawn to and start meditating.
It doesn’t matter how you choose your crystal. Just make sure to cleanse your crystal before meditating with them and be aware of their energies. There are infinite ways to meditate and incorporate crystals into your meditation practice. It’s helpful to pay attention to energy and the power that the crystal is offering you.
Visualization can also help when it comes to crystal healing. I often visualize myself sitting at a peaceful place and holding crystals in both hands and the bright, warm, cleansing rays coming from the crystals, surrounding me with protection, making me feel calm and aligned with my thoughts.

If you are still unsure what crystals to work with, then these are some of the best crystals for Meditation to find your inner peace and have powerful effects on you, and allow you to vibrate higher to help you fulfill all your dreams.

List of crystals used for Meditation

1. Selenite
It is a powerful crystal that is associated with your Crown chakra. It has a naturally calming vibration that will release negative thoughts from your mind.

2. Clear Quartz
White clear quartz are very pure in energy and has been widely used for a lot of healing work. This stone will help you to filter out distractions while meditating.

3. Amethyst
Amethyst is a wonderful, calming crystal to calm your thought and bring clarity to your mind. This stone will clear the confusion from your mind and relieve anxiety, stress, and insomnia.

4. Black Tourmaline
Black tourmaline is a very protective ad soothing crystal. This stone helps and protects us from any negative vibrations associated with others.

5. Rose quartz
Rose quartz is an excellent healing gemstone to have around for love, harmony, and positive energy. Meditating with this gemstone can help you to enhance your self-esteem and promotes self-love.

6. Aventurine
Aventurine is known as the stone of Luck. It is a wonderful stone for bringing good fortune and desired opportunities. This is the best stone for Chakra meditation as it is associated with the Heart chakra.

7. Moonstone
It is said to be the stone of mystery, self-discovery, intuition, and dreams. Moonstone will guide you to take the right direction and will invoke your psychic awareness and intuition.


Daily meditation practice will make you stay grounded and focused. There are numerous benefits of Meditation, and meditating with crystals will help you to connect with the energy of the Universe. These crystals offer a multitude of health benefits and have energetic properties that optimize well-being and promote spiritual development.

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