Powerful Gemstones For Relieving Anxiety and Stress

Stress and Anxiety can influence everything we do or believe. It can also control the functions of our body. But we can encounter and cope with stress in different ways; however, one should know the anxiety symptoms or in what situations they feel most stressful.

Crystals come from Mother Earth, so you will also go with my thoughts that nothing can comfort us as much as our family, friends, or home whenever we feel anxious or stressed. I feel most connected to the crystals when I am feeling low; they help take us back to our center and join us to our fundamental selves. But one question that can arise in our mind is that “What are the most powerful healing crystals for stress and anxiety?

Well, there are a lot of gemstones to reduce anxiety, but I have a few favorites that I love to keep with me or near me when I am sleeping. They can also help you to slide into a peaceful sleep. These crystals are a must for anyone who wants to stay attached to that sacred place of calmness.

Here are few gemstones for all the people out there who have this question in their mind that “how to relieve stress and Anxiety”. 

Balancing Emotions with Rose Quartz

Self-care and kindness are important for everyone during stressful times, and Rose Quartz is a beautiful stone to bestow you with these. It is also a compelling tool for emotional healing, keeping us focused during tensioned circumstances.

How to use Rose Quartz:

  • Wear Rose Quartz in your ring or pendant to enjoy its soothing energy.
  • Meditate and unwind with Rose Quartz palm stones in your palm, pockets, or purse.
  • Have Rose Quartz in your home, workplace or in your bedroom for a peaceful ambiance.

Overcome Depression and Stress with Shungite

Shungite is a powerful crystal for stress relief. This amazing black stone can be used to reduce anxiety and restlessness. It is a very old, antique healing stone. It attracts harmony, tranquility, and protection.

How to use Shungite:

  • Place raw Shungite on your Heart Chakra to help you recover your emotional balance
  • Wear Shungite jewelry like a pendant to enjoy its comforting energy during day or night.
  • Keep it near your bed to connect with its nurturing energy while you relax or sleep.

Release Tension and Anxiety with Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is a dominant stone that can be used to defend against any kind of negative energies. It is considered one of the best crystal to protect against any unwanted influence or energy. During stressful times can be used to recover emotional balance and resistance.

How to use the Black Tourmaline:

  • Place it on your work table or the side tables of your bed to keep you away from negative energies.
  • Wear Black Tourmaline jewelry like a ring or pendant or even a loose gemstone to benefit from its revitalizing energies.
  • Use Black Tourmaline loose stones during meditation to help you release tensions.

Overcome Anxiety Attacks with Amethyst

Amethyst is my guardian on days I feel under pressure, and it seems that everything is going crazy and wrong. It brings simplicity and eases the mind, helping me understand what causes stress. This beautiful crystal can help us reduce stress while concurrently attracting peaceful and positive vibes.

How to use Amethyst:

  • Wear Amethyst jewelry to enjoy its soothing energy all day long.
  • Keep Amethyst stones in your bedroom to create a serene ambiance.
  • Use Amethyst loose stones in your meditation sessions.
  • Practice breathing methods while holding Amethyst in your palm.

Remain Centered with Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz, known as the chief healer, is a great stone that helps us find an emotional sense of peace. Clear Quartz can be efficiently used to assist us to remain centered in tensioned circumstances.

How to use the Clear Quartz:

  • Adorn Clear Quartz jewelry to help you remain calm all day long.
  • Placing loose stones to amplify the energies of the other stones either using in meditation or relaxation.
  • It is one of the most effective crystals for mind and soul healing and Reiki sessions.


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