Crystals to get rid of Negative Energies.

People love crystals as they look beautiful on us and because they add something to our wellness routine. Maybe you can keep a piece of selenite by your bed for sweeter dreams or kunzite in your purse for self-love. Many crystals are meant to offer up assurance — from evil spirits, negative energy from others, downer feelings. And even if you’re not a full follower of crystals powers, they can be a means to set an aim, a visual hint that you are attempting to think or converse more positively. 

Common uses of Crystals

People are using crystals to help with stress nowadays. A lot of people are having more anxiety and depression problems more than ever. And thus, some of them are using the earth’s energy so that they can get back in their peace of mind again. It’s all about strength.

How to use crystals for protection?

A critical segment is considering what you want to be shielded from because sometimes the person we need to be shielded from is ourselves—our soul, our feelings, and how we show up to our lives. When we take possession of that first, that clears up a lot.

What are the best crystals to get rid of negative energy?

There are five really amazing ones that you can get at almost any online or crystal store.

Black Tourmaline

People wear black tourmaline when they want to have an extra shield of protection when they’re out in people or traveling. Or in any of the meetings. Thus, keeping a piece of black tourmaline at the front door to shield what comes into the house in terms of people or negative energy. Or put a bowl of salt with a piece of black tourmaline on top of it as a protective shield.

Black Kyanite

Black kyanite protects people from negative energy and sends back whatever comes by replacing it with love and light. It cuts that negative energy away from you so that you can show up to your own self, and be energized and positive all the time.

Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is one of the most powerful crystals, and it’s thought to help deflect negativity and attract positivity. It is also very responsive, so it’s essential to set a clear and direct purpose when working with this stone. Wear it in a pendant or ring to protect yourself from negativity throughout the day. Remember to set a particular intention for how you expect to navigate the world with this crystal.

Black Jade

Black jade can help you tap into your intuition and drive clear of negative people and circumstances. Sometimes it can be challenging to see where negativity is originating, but black jade can help you harmonize into the root source. Consider black jade as your energy guardian, and take it with you when traveling or beginning new adventures.

Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine crystal is a must if you are trying to manifest prosperity and money. A tree made of Green Aventurine chips or even wearing a pendant or ring can better the effectiveness of your space. You can place this crystal on your desk’s upper left corner, as it is considered the wealth and money area.

If you’re new to this, pick a stone. Pick one that you can carry in your hand, in your pocket, or on the bed-side tables. During your day, you can pick it up with your hands and meditate with it for a while. Crystals are making an appearance again because we know innately that our earth is the only thing that connects with us. It’s been here long before all of us and, if we take care of it, it’ll be here even after us.

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