The Purple Beauty for Meditation- Amethyst

Crystals are gaining fame as essential pieces that contribute a natural touch. There’s also an extended interest in using crystals for more obscure purposes. People around the world have used crystals for healing and meditation exercises for thousands of years. But do crystals hold healing energies? And if yes, then; What should you do when you own the most spiritual gem in the world? 

Your Spirit Angels always have something insightful to tell you and are ready to grant you with divine healing energy. The use of gemstones in meditation practice can develop your meditation, providing a focus object, and raising your higher self’s awareness & mindfulness. Stop everything you are doing, take a pause, and take your soul to the journey of meditations with gemstones.

To get started with amethyst crystal meditation, you’ll need your willingness to practice, mainly if meditation is new to you.

The key to meditation is to do it as regularly as possible and make it a part of your self-care routine. If you don’t have time to relax, feel tired, or ill, you should definitely do it.

When you are finally ready for it, set the mood. Find a place where you won’t be interrupted, see if you can find a place with a comfortable temperature, and alter the lighting for a relaxed and soft feel.

If you’re already an experienced meditator, you can add the amethyst crystal into your current practice.

You can also add tools like:

  • Candles
  • Essential oils
  • Incense sticks
  • Images of ancestors or your god
  • Sacred objects
  • And your crystal that you want to use in your meditation session.


Before beginning your meditation practice, you need to cleanse your crystals/gemstones before you start. You can do this by:

  • Passing your gemstone through incense, particularly sage smoke
  • Using sound healing, like chanting or singing bowls
  • Flashing your crystal to sun or moonlight for some hours
  • Place your gem under running water
  • Soaking your crystal in saltwater
  • Placing your crystal in a bowl of brown rice

Some cleansing methods are suitable only for particular crystals, so ensure your research before beginning.

The Visualization:

As you breathe, visualize a golden/yellow light entering your room, traveling down to your body, soul and filling your lungs, chest cavity, and heart center with bright light.

As you breathe out, visualize stresses, frustrations, and tensions leaving your body. Bless yourself and your conflicting energy by calling upon whatever guarding force you feel most comfortable with. For some, this involves your most powerful self. Allow these different thoughts to disappear to find peace. 

Now you’re ready to take your amethyst, place it in your left hand, and look upon its purple color. Relax and attune to the vibration of the crystal. Some people say that tuning to the purple ray of amethyst silently over and over again brings a warming sensation in hands. 

Amethyst for chakras

Amethyst is said to possess intense healing energy, it helps to aid sleep, support blood circulation and balance chakras. Chakras are considered to be energy producers in your energetic body. Each serves a different part of your spiritual and physical being. When meditating, you can place amethyst on the chakra that aligns with your purpose.

Laying crystals on your body allows the healing energies to stimulate those areas and rebalance energies; chakra balancing is effectively used by placing the identical colored crystals as you meditate.

Closing your practice

When your meditation session is over, stretch your body and wiggle your fingers & toes. Don’t rush and immediately stand up or go somewhere; take a drink of water to detoxify yourself, and be aware of your knowledge and feelings. You’re working with some powerful energies; thus you need time to understand and get rid of any negative energies and vibrations.


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