Crystals for Happiness and Self Love

Are you happy? The Search for Happiness is a most wanted pursuit for many people. Due to various challenges in our personal lives, making a faithful effort to be happy is a task in itself.

What is Happiness? 

The things that make me happy are not necessarily the same thing that would bring you happiness. It relates to inner joy, peace of mind & calmness, and feelings of enthusiasm, playfulness, good qualities, and laughter! 

Many people see that when they begin to use gemstones for love that stimulates joy and happiness, their sentiments lift. It helps them to have a more positive and cheerful attitude about their life happenings. I thought of sharing my top 7 crystals for happiness to relax, eat healthily and nourish body, mind & spirit. I’ve always been drawn to self-care; thus, the power of crystals gave clarity to my moods and thoughts.


Peridot has very positive energy, these lovely green crystals comprise the frequency of development, so they are potent stones to improve many positive characteristics. It arouses feelings of joy, satisfaction, and prosperity! They help you to increase your patience, think clearly, and be more positive and self-assured. Its power of development helps you set your mind while using them and aids you to get the work done more quickly.

Rose Quartz

In my opinion, the prettiest of all the crystals for Self Love with its beautiful pink color and looks very pretty on jewelry too. It is also the ultimate comfort crystal. Being a soft and soothing stone, it helps to heal emotional pain. It also opens the Heart Chakra by allowing you to feel kindness for others and yourself. The is the self-love stone.

Green Tourmaline

This stone has profound heart-based energy and is well known for its strength to aid healing. This stone stimulates feelings of joy and happiness and may help you to sense compassion for yourself. They are known as healing stones that help you feel amazingly calm and relaxed and supporting the heart’s health. They are great manifestation stones that bring a rise in abundance and prosperity and will improve your creativity.


The crystal is excellent for your resolutions, with its ability to attract prosperity and wealth into your life. Citrine is also best for self-confidence as it opens up the Solar Plexus Chakra. It can also be used to detoxify energies from the atmosphere and encourage a more positive state of mind.


Chrysoprase are lovely heart chakra stones that comprise the green-ray. It attracts new love relations and brings prosperity into your life. Their energy excites joy and happiness, self-acceptance & self-confidence, and also thought to reduce stress & depression. They are stones for spiritual growth, supporting you to feel kindness and forgiveness towards others. 


As a young boy, my dad had a large rough-cut Amethyst crystal. I loved how the light struck off it. I was fascinated with it; I suppose this is where my passion for crystals started. Amethyst attaches you with your spiritual power. Deeply cleansing, this violet crystal clarifies negative energies. You can also use Amethyst for stability and to develop your natural psychic powers.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz is a beautiful Quartz form whose color ranges from brown to smoky black to ashey grey. Smoky Quartz absorbs negative energies or those created by our negative thought patterns. Also, another fantastic crystal for grounding and protection.

Healing crystals for Positivity: Choose To Be Happy!

  • Feeling self-love will influence you faster towards your purpose of a happier life.
  • Allow yourself to believe that you are deserving of being loved.
  • As you begin to feel self-love, it will be simpler to work out how to be happy.
  • Once you start thinking of happy images, the faster you will find ways to improve your life.
  • It is like a snowball rolling downhill, collecting positive vibrations as it moves.

Although we all need quick fixes in life, but if you want to be truly happy, decide to make it happen, no matter how long it takes. Happiness is like a butterfly; the more you follow it, the more it will elude you. But if you divert your attention to other things, it will sit on your shoulder calmly.

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