Crystals for Health and Immunity

Gemstones have a rich history of spiritual and natural healers, incorporating them in healing, astrological, spiritual, or enchanting practices. Whether it is their biochemical properties, frequency of vibration, or connection to mother earth, crystals for good health have fastened their place in the human mind. 

The immune system, which is the body’s protection mechanism, shields us from external agents like bacteria and viruses. If our immune system isn’t strong, a simple scratch can be deadly. This system is also affected by our emotions, positive and negative thoughts, which may weaken or strengthen it. That’s why it is imperative to make sure that our immune system and our mind healthy. A well-balanced lifestyle, a good diet, exercise, and the use of antiviral crystals will allow us to improve the body’s immune responses.

In recent pandemic times, we have been flooded with questions about the best gemstones to fight viruses and deal with ill-health. I would, however, want you to emphasize the importance of keeping mandatory distance, washing hands, wearing a mask, and staying at home. But, I have come up with a list of gemstones for immunity that may help give you fresh hope and a relaxed mind in this frightening world. 


Amethyst strengthens the cleansing and killing organs as well as the immune system. It promotes tranquility by relieving anxiety and nervous system disorders. It helps in fighting insomnia and protects against nightmares by producing restful sleep. Amethyst also balances our emotional highs and lows and helps in eliminating anger, fear, and stress. 


Amber is a strong healer and purifier that provides energy, absorbs pain & negativity, and promotes the healing of injuries. It also helps in allowing the body to improve its stability and heal itself. It also reduces stress and emotional disturbance.


Aquamarine is one of the exceptional crystals for strength, for relieving extreme immune reactions such as asthma and allergies. Using this stone helps in combating throat and sinus infections and cures colds quickly. In elixir form, they serve as a “flu buster.” It brings calming energies that aid in reducing stress and soothe the mind.

Aqua Aura

Aqua Aura is excellent to use while meditating as it raises your energy and vibrating frequency. It can be used to stimulate the energy of other crystals & gemstones. Aqua Aura is believed to assist with depression, stress, and general wellbeing.


Citrine is excellent for increasing your strength and is believed to help the thyroid. It can help with illnesses such as persistent fatigue syndrome. Citrine is also known as the ‘success stone’ to support and manifest success in your life.


An amazing partner of the immune system, emerald is one of the best crystals for immunity that can help us remain in good health when our body’s natural resistance is low. It restores our physical body and offers rapid recovery from dangerous diseases. This gemstone also ensures physical, emotional, and psychic balance erases negativity and bestows a positive outlook.


Labradorite is one stone that clears and opens all of your chakras. It can help clarify your energy, calms an overactive mind, and filter your thoughts and dreams. It’s helpful in the lungs and may help with colds and respiratory difficulties.

Lapis Lazuli 

We have heard a lot of times that lapis lazuli for the immune system can help in many ways. Lapis Lazuli helps in cleansing and purifying the body; it also helps in controlling the function of the body. People use it to improve their insight. You can also use it to go more extensively into meditation. It lowers blood pressure, boosts the immune system, and can alleviate migraine headaches & insomnia.


Clear Quartz, also known as Crystal Quartz, energies and activates your chakras. It’s also called the ‘Master Healer’. It is said to increase spiritual wisdom and aids in concentration, and helps with your memory. It’s also been known to clean and soothe our organs.


Turquoise is also one of the immunity booster gemstones. The healing powers of the stone can help the entire body. It’s excellent for illnesses of the immune and respiratory systems.

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