Top 5 Crystals For Skincare Routine

Adele, Kim Kardashian West, Kylie Jenner, Victoria Beckham, Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Anniston, yes, the names you just read, the top celebrities love and swear by healing crystals for skin care. 

I have always been attracted to crystals since childhood. My mother remembers me grasping for anything with a twinkle of rose quartz or amethyst geode as a kid. It all makes sense since unconditional love and acceptance for the stones started right from the beginning. I find myself reaching for it whenever a job needs an extra boost.

And with every shiny, sparkly stone that I lay around my home, in my pocket, under my pillow, or at my workplace, I discover myself experiencing the healing powers of crystals a little more.

Best Crystals for Skincare: 

The healing powers of gemstones have been well observed in almost every practice of holistic medicine, including Ayurveda, Chinese, Egyptian, Roman, Greek, and even biblical texts from the Old Testament. “From a physical aspect, semi-precious stone tools offer the elements of warmth or cold as a healing component to a skincare ritual. When used warm, they can assist in relaxing facial muscles, enhancing circulation, and improving the penetration of certain parts. 

5 Healing Crystals to Improve skin


Innumerable beauty fans swear by their jade skincare rollers or make a daily routine of infusing their water with jade. “The ancients used jade to develop circulation, decrease puffiness, and for contouring and lifting the skin to put your best face forth. “It encourages attunement and balance, which can assist in improving existing skin concerns.”

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz has been known as the gem of self-love, so it’s no wonder that it’s connected with beauty and self-confidence. In the remedial arts, rose quartz is believed to help boost flow, leading to more oxygen in your skin for a healthier and glowing look. It is also a cooling stone to use for inflammatory ailments like eczema, rosacea, and rashes.”


Tourmalines are granite-like stones comprising various elements such as iron, magnesium, aluminum, and potassium. The best thing about this crystal is that it accommodates to infuse negative ions into your skin that help promotes blood circulation, reduce water retention, and presenting a luminous glow.


This beautiful gem is thought to help in anti-aging, so it’s a magnificent addition to any skincare ritual. Aquamarine has been associated with the ocean, and it’s assumed to promote the class of tranquility and clarity you would hold if you were looking out at calm blue waters. Aquamarine also an excellent stone for anyone looking to de-stress and encourage self-assurance.

Clear quartz

Clear quartz is a crystal everyone wants in their toolkit. Clear quartz is an excellent stone that can help you get clarity, gain focus, and manifest your desires. It can increase the effectiveness of your current beauty routine too. “It’s also used for decreasing fine lines and wrinkles and can also aid in enhancing skin conditions.

How to work with a gemstone for beautiful skin?

Now that you know what crystals you require to step up your skincare routine, here are some ways to use them. 

  1. Create your own crystal essence by making a crystal infused skincare through putting them into water.
  2. Place crystals on your skin while meditating or simply relaxing
  3. Enhance your skincare products by applying your moisturizer/serum with small pebble-sized stones
  4. Place them in your bath.
  5. Use crystal skincare tools like rollers, gua-sha or face masks.

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