Spice Up your Romantic Life with Crystals

Your crystals for love can be a game-changer when it comes to attracting someone particular, forming friendships, or healing family splits. Formed deep in the earth where the energy is assumed to come from, crystals not only look gorgeous, they encourage positive vibes.

Crystals are said to support you obtain and nurture love and confidently influence home and work.

Draw your soulmate closer or find self-love 

Healing crystals are a fantastic medium for helping to heal a broken heart, unblock those heart chakras, and to attract an array of love and abundance to fill light in your life. 

Find the best love crystal for you.

Those seeking crystals to help cut out negative energy, nourish self-love, and build abundance can use the selection of crystals that come with radiant healing features. Manifesting the love in your life is not just about falling in love with that perfect mystery someone. Instead, it’s about developing a rich attachment with yourself and being open to accepting all that the universe wants to send your way. 

Rose Quartz

An essential love stone, the pearly pinkish with a gentle glimmer – Rose Quartz. One of the most precious heart chakra stones, Rose Quartz, is rich in soft energy and full of compassion. Ever ready to fill you up, Rose Quartz builds your trust, understanding, and true unconditional love. So whether you want to restore old hurts so you can escape with your heart again or if you are ready to attract love, it will bring a thousand delightful sparkles to fill your soul. And these crystals for healing can be bliss for you.


The intimate glow of Garnet is a genuine passionate healer. A stone of strength and decisive thinking, the Garnet will join with your root chakra, lending you the endurance needed to find steadiness and safety in yourself, so you are free to stand in the light of others. In addition, Garnet is a gem of bright and tremendous love. It is a brilliant stone to have in relationships as it confers you the courage to ask for what you need, be clear in your wants, and produce beautiful bonds. 


The feminine energy of the Moonstone brings insight and divine adaptation to all who choose it. It is a stone that amps up the fate of love. Moonstone is one of the calmest and most thoughtful reminders that there is always a glimmer of light to be found even in the darkest times. The Moonstone is a crystal for manifesting love and is said to help reunite lovers emotionally or by the twisted branches of spirituality.

Pink Tourmaline

An aphrodisiac stone that brings love and abundance, Pink Tourmaline gives us all the support we require when it comes to matters of the love. This is also one of the gemstones to manifest love, to grant us a safe space in which flower of love can blossom. It invites the heart chakra to clear and promotes old wounds to heal. It’s a stone of deep kindness and calms any colors of trouble. It is particularly significant for those who want to move into a place of flow with the universe.


Beautiful hues of pink and white, Rhodochrosite is another fabulous heart stone that will lead you straight to love. Rhodochrosite comes tied with vibrations, each kind hum sounding through each layer. It’s a gem that tells you to do the work of explaining your layers and sorting through those emotions that could be keeping you back from the love you deserve.

How to manifest love with these crystals

Now that you have the most luminous and magnificent love gemstones in your life, it helps to know precisely to harness all this energy. One of the most reliable ways to call on the love spirits to support all that you need in your direction is to wear love gemstone jewelry. It also helps the stones keep your chakras cleansed and keep you connected to the universe and carry your intention.

Say these affirmations for attracting love by placing your precious stone in the heart area or your palm. 

  1. I am loved more than ever.
  2. The universe is bringing my soulmate to me!
  3. I deserve love and affection, and respect.
  4. I love myself, and so does my partner.
  5. I am open to love and swept up in romance!


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