Crystals for Fearlessness and Worry

The elements of fear or anxiety can be different. But what causes this powerful fear, and how can you use crystals for fearlessness to overcome it? While someone is strongly affected by the climate or seasons, notably autumn and winter, which are mysterious and not very cheerful, other people encounter these states due to frustration or negative happenings from the past. 

Fear can mess with you; it has the capacity of transforming our behavior and creating feelings of anxiety, unworthiness, and jealousy. While we constantly live in a state of fear, we eventually deny ourselves a life truly worth loving. It will stop us from pursuing our dreams, accomplishing specific goals, moving, or even something as manageable as meeting new friends. But don’t worry, crystals for fearlessness will always accompany you for rescue.

As a person who embraces both shadow and light, I welcome fear and allow it to show me a little more about myself. I know that there is some meaning in meeting your worries head-on with a confident and curious face. I found that when working with these crystals for depression, you can exclude certain types of concerns and transform that energy into actual and welcoming thoughts. Hopefully, after reading and working with these crystals for anxiety, you will no longer be afraid of fear. 

Which crystals helps with fear?

These subconscious fears are otherwise known as self-limitations and can manifest as tension or, in severe cases, fright. So the big question is, how to overcome fear? How can gemstones help you abandon the hold that they have over you? How do you handle your fears and treatment for anxiety? Let’s get into them and choose the one that you are looking for:

1. Tiger’s Eye 

A very uplifting Crystal, Tiger’s Eye is known to produce a state of high fluctuations by connecting Earth’s energy with the Sun’s energy. You can use this gem against anxiety, ill wishes, and even curses by placing it on your body, around your home or business. I especially like working with Tiger’s Eye to drive away fears of working in the business. Putting it on your belly button helps relieve anxiety and propels you closer to fulfilling your goals by promoting clarity and restoring commitment to yourself. Other attributes of Tiger’s Eye are resolving difficulties and internal struggles. It also improves and aids in issues of self-worth, mental trauma, and self-criticism. 

2. Hematite

This crystal works amazingly well for grounding and tunes the mind, body, and soul. To control those overwhelming thoughts and shield your aura from negative energy and concern. Hematite is excellent to serve with if you have fears about legal issues and feelings of unfairness. Grasp Hematite in your dominant hand when you need to dissolve that enthusiasm and bring in balance. Hematite also allows you to come to sessions with your blunders and focus on a resolution instead. I love suggesting Hematite for friends who have a blocked Root Chakra because it helps in enhancing willpower, allowing you to create on your basic survival needs. 

Nrampuria Blogs (1)

3. Smoky Quartz 

The best anchoring crystals for panic attacks. It releases low vibrations, concerns, and stresses. It is best for those who seem stuck when met with complex challenges, place it in your pocket or wear it on your person to get the most out of it. An excellent crystal to work with when you have insecurities and fears encompassing manifesting your desires soothes the nerves and diffuses negative feelings. Place it on your Root Chakra to calm nerves to bring in drive and determination. 

4. Charoite

The beautiful purplish color of Charoite alone can deliver peace of mind to a person. This gem is perfect for those of you who have a phobia of change. Wearing Charoite can support you cope with tremendous and sudden shifts. Charoite promotes deep and spontaneous healing, pushing away feelings of anxiety and anticipation. Let go of intense fears when struggling with Charoite; it will help you succeed by putting things in the panorama by reducing stress and distress. 

5. Labradorite

This stone is excellent for heightening your intuition, know as one of the crystals for fear of failure. It also has a protecting bit to it, and I constantly feel more confident when wearing Labradorite. It will help calm and relieve unwanted fears and thoughts, especially when it comes to stress or psychic pain. Work with this gem to get you in the right frame of mind and concentrate on your success instead. It is advantageous for introverts; it will help push away powerful thoughts and wrong thinking.

Mantra for Healing to use with crystals for fearlessness

Another way to work through fear alongside your crystal work is reciting affirming mantras. 

I’ve found these very helpful; repeat this mantra to ignite your inner strength:

I am strength, I am strength, I am strength myself.

Everything is constantly working out for me.

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