A Guide to Crystals for Beginners

Please don’t be shocked when I say that a collection of healing crystals for beginners grow fast. What starts with a small piece of rose quartz can shift into drawers full of amethyst, blue lace agate, citrine, and tourmaline in no time.

This is because crystals possess a layered charm. The gems’ beauty speaks for itself, but then there is also the crystals’ formation. And this is where enlightenment and intuition come in.

Everybody says that you should trust your intuition when looking for a crystal, but You should always have a little background information. If you are looking for a collection or trying to find the healing crystal for you, then you will love these crystals for beginners:

Amethyst – Crystal for Sleep

Excellent Crystal for Aiding relaxation and sleep

Symbolizes: Power and Spirituality

Use to: De-stress, purify your aura, and produce divine wisdom.

Vibrations: Amethyst generates soothing vibrations and gives a deeply calming sensation.

How to use: Place an Amethyst Cluster or Cabachons beside your bed to help you sleep like a toddler and give you mental strength as you dream. Alternatively, you can also keep an Amethyst stone in your pocket to keep you soothe throughout the day.

Clear Quartz – Crystal for Healing

Excellent crystal for: The healing power

Symbolizes: Space, sincerity, and patience. Quartz originates from the Greek word “ice,” as it was a pattern of permanent ice.

Use to: Defeat negativity, enhance your mood and mental clarity, and unblock energy issues.

Vibrations: A high fluctuation crystal, it is the most persuasive master healer crystal.

How to use: Use it for intention setting. Transfer your purposes to the crystal, elaborate on them and assist you in manifesting those intentions. Clear Quartz can also be a support to cleanse and reprogram other gems.

Citrine – Crystal for Money

Excellent crystal for: Money and Abundance

Symbolizes: Its Yellow color represents new life, growth, and creativity; it is thought to create new chances and good luck.

Use to: Increase your probabilities of winning in all your endeavors. A natural power home of a healer, it is excellent for clearing energy blockages.

Vibrations: A regular vibration crystal with healing energies

How to use: Place a citrine stone in the palm of your hand during meditations, exams, interviews, or at the beginning of new business ventures. Use this healing crystal to allow your heart to dispel energy blockages and activate the healing process.

Rose Quartz – Crystal for Love

Excellent crystal for: Love and Feminine energy

Symbolizes: The stone of absolute love, Rose Quartz, has been used as a love symbol since 600 B.C.

Use to: Welcome new love in your life or restore old love. Awaken the goddess inside you.

Vibrations: Rose Quartz transmits soft, delicate energy, filling the space with kindness, compassion, comfort, and harmony.

How to use: Keep a Rose Quartz stone or mini-heart with you to allow new love into your life, let yourself be respected & loved, and feel the confidence. Place a larger piece of rough or polished Rose Quartz in the heart of the home to hold existing relationships and soothe & tighten family bonds.

Black Tourmaline – Crystal for Protection

Excellent crystal for: Protection and Security.

Symbolizes: The ultimate charm of powerful protection

Use to: Cleanse and purify. This semi-precious crystal bounces negative energy and diminishes anxiety

Vibrations: Strong and steading grounding waves which provide stabilizing energy

How to use: Keep a small stone of Black Tourmaline with you to act as an amulet of strength, accelerating away undesired energy and people. Large raw pieces work best to put upwards around your home or absorb electromagnetic radioactivity from electronics. Place them at entrances or next to a working place for maximum effect.

How to take care of your Crystals

Whether you bought a new crystal or had one for a while that needs an active refresh, it’s an excellent approach to keep your crystals cleansed, clear, and activated. One of the simplest ways to do this is to let your crystal “charge” under the full moon. This will support clearing out any energy it’s holding on. Most of the crystals can be cleaned with water, but some can’t, depending on porosity. So it’s always most helpful to check specific guidelines for crystals for beginners.


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