WHO is Nitin?

Hi! I’m Nitin Rampuria, an avid gem collector, crystal healer, meditative soul, and father of two children living in Jaipur, India. I completed my college education from California State University with a degree in Management Information Systems. Actually, the irony is that I never went into that field which I had envisioned. Instead, this website came solely from my passion of to humanity.


I’m not really sure how crystals became such a major part of my life, I had just inclined towards them to maintain peace for as long as I remember. Soon enough, along with using the crystals on myself, I began to introduce and recommend them to my friends and family. As my involvement with crystals and gems grew, I became an avid collector of these precious stones and always found a sense of wonder in examining and researching new ones. Actually, this process of crystal healing also introduced me to meditation, life coaching, and other forms of creating a balanced and prosperous lifestyle. But, the main perk of having all of this knowledge; the thing that really struck a chord with me, was the ability to share the knowledge with others in need. I believe that while having knowledge is a step towards wisdom, sharing it is a step towards humanity.


The vital changes that using the crystals has brought into my surroundings and me is astounding! I meditate with them twice a day, usually right after waking up and right before sleeping because those are times when cleansing and rejuvenation is needed the most. Crystals are truly magical because they are able to harness the positive energy of the earth and people on it and use that to cleanse people from negativity and replace it with positive affirmations and self love. I have found that when these crystals are used in the right way and aren’t abused, they can bring forth a sense of self-confidence, love, understanding, energy, commitment, and control in your life. Instead of living your life you start enjoying your life. I believe this is the transformation it creates in your life.

I felt fresh, young, and awake every day I woke up and that feeling of cleanliness is one of the best feelings ever! Throughout the day I am optimistic and positive for many things because of my connection with my soul through the help of crystals.  Simply put, I feel alive.


What really provoked me for pursuing business of gemstones and jewelry, aside from the personal healing, was really my father. He has been running his own gemstone business since 1973, and in 2005, when I finished college, I inherited part of his company and created my own entourage of crystal enthusiasts!

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And by this, creating a platform for sorting out people’s lives and improving the quality of their happiness is the basic backbone of this website. So, feel free to contact me; a crystal healer, life counselor, spiritual guide, and meditative soul for enhancing your lifestyle. Stay tuned to my blog and business and let’s work together for a coordinated upliftment of the body, the soul, and the mind.

Learning to love your life


I feel as if the whole sentiment of living is about creating. Whether it could be about creating happiness, a physical object, or a life for yourself, what you make of your life and what you make in it are your defining qualities. Often times it’s very important to understand that the only person that can give you a second chance is you only because it’s not about fixing something broken, but rather creating something entirely new and better! The most important thing to have during this process of reinventing is resilience, tenacity, and sheer willpower because no one has ever healed their life without recognizing and getting over the fact that there is a wound.