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New Ways of Crystal Healing This Halloween

New Ways of Crystal Healing This Halloween

With Halloween just around the corner, I am sure you all must be busy in organizing Halloween costume parties, carving pumpkins into jack-o-lanterns, planning pranks, and listing down the haunted place to visit and scary stories to tell. Here we Read more…

7 great crystal pairings that can create a next-level healing effect

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When crystals are brought together in a set geometric pattern (called grid formations) their effects indeed change to a great extent. Some stones get extra awesome under the influence of other while the energy of some simply gets diluted. Making Read more…

Broadcast Good Vibes with Crystal Jewelry

Broadcast Good Vibes with Crystal Jewelry

Often I have heard people saying that the vibe around is not so good or the vibe is not positive and happy. It is easy to feel and say it but has you ever wondered, what this entire concept of Read more…

Some Words Of Advice On Healing Crystals By My Father


Father’s Day is not just a day to shower your hero with gifts and love but also to look back at all the times when he became the superhero in your life solving all your problems. All of us have, Read more…

Crystals for home: Make Your Abode a High-Vibe Heaven


From Hong Kong to the Czech Republic to New York; traveling all this while made me realize that there is no paradise quite as appealing as your own abode. Yea, I have been out of home for almost like 25 Read more…