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Healing Crystals that healer swears by?

Healing Crystals That Healer Swears By

You might have heard that crystals can benefit you in healing and maintaining positive energy levels. While some call crystal healing a fake science, others swear by it. We aim to teach people about how crystals help you on your Read more…

Most Useful crystal for your Zodiac Sign

Most Useful Crystal For Your Zodiac Sign

Increase your manifesting powers with some specific crystals that align with your Sun Sign. Every crystal has different properties. Using these crystals that compliment your zodiac sign can help you attaining that energy, which lends healing power and help you Read more…

How to Clean Rose Quartz?

How To Clean Rose Quartz Nrampuria

The gentle pink hue and the tender appearance of this soothing gemstone will make your heart melt right away! Yes! You guess it right! We are talking about Rose quartz stone – The stone of love, peace and coordination. When Read more…

What Is Amethyst Good For ?

What Is Amethyst Good For

Available almost all over the world, Amethyst is a beautiful looking gemstone that can be best sourced from places including Brazil, Uruguay, Africa, Italy, and Greece. The transparent texture, glossy appearance, and the lovely rich lavender shade make this gemstone Read more…

How to Choose a Crystal for Someone

How To Choose A Crystal For Someone (3)

From uplifting your confidence to enhancing positivity in your life and from ensuring your well-being to creating an energetic aura around you, crystals and gemstones do a lot of things for you so that you can enjoy a better life Read more…