Know The Benefits of Fluorite

Know The Healing Benefits Of Fluorite

Fluorite is an ancient remedy to promote rejuvenation. It cleanses the mind and body and enhances overall wellness. It is an excellent anti-inflammatory and antiviral agent. It strengthens the immune system and instills unbounded calmness and positivity in the heart. Read more…

Know The Benefits Of Citrine

Know The Healing Benefits Of Citrine

Citrine is a beautiful stone with lot of recharging and reviving energy. It cleanses your body, comforts the area where there is tension or blockage and refills it with abundant positivity and energy. It is a stone that attracts good Read more…

Know The Benefits Of Rose Quartz

Know The Benefits Of Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is a stone of love. It harnesses peace, healing, and nourishment. Especially, it is an excellent stone to resolve emotional stress. It opens up the heart chakra, allowing the energy of it to diffuse throughout the body. In Read more…

Know The Benefits Of Amethyst

Know The Benefits Of Amethyst

Called as “All-healer,” amethyst is one of the most effective stone for healing. It promotes peace, clam and is the best tranquillizer to strike a healthy balance in everyday life. It helps to overcome the addictive habits and restores the Read more…

Jade Is Jimp and Jaunty

Jade Is Jimp And Jaunty Blog

With a wide usage by people of different cultures, Jade has been genuinely regarded as one of the most valuable and precious stones. One specific culture or country where the jade stone is kept on an esteemed level is China. Read more…