Moldavite; An Intense and Unusual Stone

moldavite stone

Approximately 15 million years ago, there was an extraordinary atomic explosion in the universe. A meteorite of enormous size crashed with the earth over the Czechoslovakian mountainous region and the result was calamitous. There was a rain of melted material on our planet. Hold on! Don’t check the URL back. Continue Reading

Aegirine, a Stone for Warding off Evil Powers

A beautiful black Aegirine gemstone is known to personify the truthfulness and personality. The gorgeous black blades that appear on its surface offer a mighty gape and make it the noblest gemstone among all. The nobility of this alluring gem piece is not only because of its dazzling gaze but Continue Reading

Adamite – Stone for enhancing Creativeness

Adamite gemstone reveals its incandescent and bright green hue and is accepted as a favorite for the one who love accumulating the fluorescent minerals. The bright light of this charm under the short and long UV rays makes it a perfect sample of colors. Adamite is supposed to a brilliant Continue Reading

Actinolite – a Stone of Dreams

Actinolite gemstone helps its owner in recalling the dreams, analyzing them and getting connected with the thoughts of the previous birth and too of the ancient civilization. Actinolite has various varieties that are too used as a gem piece. One of these is Nephrite, and the other one is Cat’s Continue Reading