Cinnabar Leads To The Creation Of Wealth

Cinnabar leads to the creation of wealth

In times where everyone is running after wealth or busy in money making, here is a small and easy suggestion to attract it swiftly. Place the Cinnabar close to where you keep/receive money as the energy of this stone is Read more…

Emerald is Effective For Eyes

emerald is effective for eyes

“I would have never realized the importance of sight until or unless the eye issue struck me,” told Sally Mathew, a crystal or gemstone enthusiast like me whom I met during my flight to Turkey. At the age of seven, Read more…

Calcite is Miraculous With Double The Refraction and Triple The Energy

Calcite is miraculous with double the refraction and triple the energy

Wondering what this physical term is doing on this crystal healing website? Well, calcite is a miraculous crystal which not only posses healing energy but also teaches some physics. Double refraction is a phenomenon where a single incident light ray Read more…

The Rousing Rhodolite

The rousing Rhodolite

With hues from red to lilac, and an appearance which is absolutely flawless or inclusions free, the Rhodolite is truly a mesmerizing stone. It is basically a variety of Pyrope Garnet which got its name from two Greek words meaning Read more…

Meteorites are the healing gifts from another world

Meteorites are the healing gifts from another world

Just as the heading suggests, Meteorites are the wonderful cosmic stones that occur almost before 4550 million years ago. They originate in the outer space from particles of comets, survive its passage through the atmosphere and finally lands on the Read more…