Opalite – A rare, Occurring Crystal In Nature

Do you know why Opalites are rare, occurring crystal? Because they come from the natural calamity which rarely happens. They come from volcanos. When the opalized volcanic ash cools down, they come into existence. Such volcanic eruptions occur in Brazil and Africa, and thereby these stones are found there only. But owing to its considerable... Continue Reading →

Rainbow Obsidian Eye Is As Beautiful And Iridescent As Rainbow

Spreading the vibe of love, light, joy and positive energy, the rainbow obsidian crystal is just like a rainbow. I know, that the first glance of it is really not so pleasing with all-black hue emerging out but once it is exposed to light after being polished, it reflects a band of alluring rainbow shades.... Continue Reading →

Dichroic Glass Guards The Spiritual Health

Look at this dichroic glass! Aren't you feeling like placing it somewhere in the house and just lit up that area with its bright hues? Well, if you are thinking so then go ahead because it will not only lit up the house, it will lit up your life too. The dichroic glass healing properties... Continue Reading →

Cuprite Eases The Irrational Fears

Everyone has some or the other fear in life. Some are scared of heights, while some are afraid of annual dental checkups. Amongst all such people, there are few who carry the weird irrational fears in life, the fear related to life or death. For example “ If I drive, I might meet an accident... Continue Reading →

Grape Chalcedony Helps You In Finding A New Path

With an appearance like of a bunch of purple grapes, the Grape Chalcedony is not only enticing but intriguing too. Won't arouse your interest if I say that it helps you find a new path, achieve something which you don’t possess but want to and is the best companion when you venture into something new?... Continue Reading →

With Purpurite, You Can Speak With Confidence

“Speaking with confidence is the first requisite to great undertakings.” True, there are many people (whom I know personally) are intellectually genius but when it comes to putting their thoughts into words, they hesitate, they lack that confidence and clarity which a person should possess to convey across his mind. Well, the problem is not... Continue Reading →

Benefits of Wearing Dinosaur Bone Jewelry

“Dinosaur bone jewelry,” Does that exist? This is the reaction of my clients when I show them the dinosaur bone gemstone. The dinosaur bone stone is basically a fossilized remain which has been permeated with mineral elements because of nature’s process over the years. The minerals that exist in this stone are quartz, chalcedony, agate,... Continue Reading →

Do You Know The Exciting Tale Behind Goldstone?

Majorly mistaken as a mineral, the Goldstone has bizarre folklore behind its creation. It is a form of glass which was produced long ago as a result of an accident by some monk. It is said that an alchemist monk during his experiments mistakenly poured copper shavings into the molten glass. The result was a... Continue Reading →

Coffee bean jasper is as invigorating as coffee

“There’s nothing as energetic as the first cup of coffee” WRONG! I feel meditating with coffee bean jasper stone in the morning is better than drinking the coffee to start your day with. Yes, this stone similarly like coffee, energies you, awakes you, make you aware, and brightens up your mood. The cocoa brown color... Continue Reading →

Wild Horse Magnesite Opens The Mind

Wild horse magnesite jewelry is often demanded and adorned by people because of its neutral shade and elegant appeal but then did you ever care to notice that how the energy of it is making a difference to your life? Yes, just like all other natural stones, wild horse magnesite also has its enthralling power... Continue Reading →

Scenic Lodolite Is Not Just Scenic But Heals Too

With looks of landscapes, gardens and underwater vistas, the scenic lodolite is not just prepossessing but an outstanding healing gem nugget too. It has the energy that clean the soul, surroundings and aligns the disturbed frequencies of chakra. It is a kind of quartz that has varied colors because of different inclusions. The inclusions can... Continue Reading →

Danburite Is One Of The Highest Vibration Mineral

With the highest vibration energy and looks that of quartz, people often end up googling danburite vs quartz. Well, the mistake is not theirs. The colourless quartz, topaz and danburite look so similar. The difference exists between them, and on a very technical level, for example, topaz is harder than danburite while quartz is softer.... Continue Reading →

Ruby Fuchsite has a double dose of energy

Comprising the energy of two stones, the ruby fuchsite is a beautiful natural creation. There is fuchsite which is a chromium-rich variety of muscovite, and there is ruby which is a type of corundum. Majorly reflecting medium to dark green hues with some highlights of pink and red, the stone looks mind-blowing and attractive. It... Continue Reading →

Leopard Skin Jasper Has Numerous Healing Attributes

Leopard skin jasper, just like all other jasper is contemplated to be a durable stone which not only proffers security to the soul but also provides stability to the emotional and intellectual torso. It has the power to guard the individual against the negative things, soothe the emotional torso and allow to look forward in... Continue Reading →

Ametrine – A blend of amethyst and citrine

Imbibing the energy of both amethyst and citrine, the ametrine is one out of the world crystal. It is a transparent stone with an attractive purple hue of amethyst and bright golden yellow color of Citrine. Ametrine is a quartz crystal variety and therefore a potent amplifier of energy like its family. It is not... Continue Reading →

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