Ruby Fuchsite has a double dose of energy

Ruby Fuchsite has a double dose of energy

Comprising the energy of two stones, the ruby fuchsite is a beautiful natural creation. There is fuchsite which is a chromium-rich variety of muscovite, and there is ruby which is a type of corundum. Majorly reflecting medium to dark green Read more…

Leopard Skin Jasper Has Numerous Healing Attributes

Leopard Skin Jasper Has Numerous Healing Attributes

Leopard skin jasper, just like all other jasper is contemplated to be a durable stone which not only proffers security to the soul but also provides stability to the emotional and intellectual torso. It has the power to guard the Read more…

Ametrine – A blend of amethyst and citrine

Ametrine A Blend Of Amethyst And Citrine

Imbibing the energy of both amethyst and citrine, the ametrine is one out of the world crystal. It is a transparent stone with an attractive purple hue of amethyst and bright golden yellow color of Citrine. Ametrine is a quartz Read more…

Chrysoprase is different from Emerald

Chrysoprase Is Different From Emerald (1)

Chrysoprase, a beautiful green variety of chalcedony is often mistaken by people as Emerald. Where emerald is green because of chromium, the chrysoprase emits distinctive spring green hue because of nickel. The Chrysoprase is famous all around the globe because Read more…

Take a Bird’s Eye View Of Your Life With This Birds Eye Stone

Birds Eye Stone

Mindlessly going through the motions of our daily routines, we get so much trapped into it that we often forget to sit and reflect on our lives. Questions like “Are we content doing our work? Are our mind and body Read more…