Best Crystals You Can Gift to Someone this Christmas Season

Decorated places with bright lights, amazing fireworks, the spirit of joy, laughter, celebration, and the tempting smell of fresh-baked cakes! Well, you guessed it right! It’s Christmas, one of the most celebrated festivals around the world! While you get together with your loved ones and celebrate this ecstatic festival, there is this one act that... Continue Reading →

What Does it Mean When Your Crystal Breaks or is Lost

Some crystal healers believe that superstitious or few valid reasons behind people don't have a whole crystal without any crack or broken with themselves. Such people have lots of questions in their minds like what it means when a crystal breaks, what they can do with the broken crystal, etc. Then the answer to all... Continue Reading →

Connecting with your Crystals for Leo

There are few crystals for the sun sign Leo, which play a major role and source of power for their personality traits. These Leo crystals are Pyrite, Hematite, Carnelian, and Tiger's Eye. The power of the crystal holds the energy of the Sun and the Earth.    The Tiger's Eye gemstone will help determine the... Continue Reading →

Blue Gemstones for Spiritual Awakening & Serenity

Blue crystals help in connecting its energy with the wearer's good health and provide them a wider perspective to solve the problems or challenges of life. If anyone feels stuck in something else or it can be the wearer's stubbornness that keeps changing or evolving the person's mood. But blue gemstone helps the person go... Continue Reading →

Gemstones Should Touch The Skin While Wearing

Gems have the potential to increase or decrease planetary influences and diminish the effects of individual planets according to one's birth chart. One must choose gems with caution or guidance from an expert astrologer because gemstones could negatively affect one's life if worn inaccurately, this situation can likewise sometimes be faced if the gem is... Continue Reading →

Best Gems & Crystals for Children

Just like grown-ups, children experience thoughtful, spiritual, and physical stress. Kids usually encounter this type of pressure in the form of school homework, peer trouble, tension, nervousness, and the endless feeling of tiredness due to a shortage of sleep. The concerns and challenges that kids face, impact them as they learn, grow, and improve. Gems... Continue Reading →

Healing Properties & Benefits of 7 Chakra stones

Chakra stones are an excellent tool for healing and balancing your chakras. You can wear them as jewelry like bracelets or pendants, or you can use any raw gemstones by placing them on your chakras. These Chakra stones are crystals, gems, and other compound minerals with unique properties.    Each of the seven chakras has... Continue Reading →

How to Cleanse and Activate Healing Crystals?

I am a person who is fond of crystals not only due to its looks but also due to its healing power. If you’re practicing with crystals for strength and wellness, then you must follow crystal cleansing. The process to purify healing stones and crystals ensures that a stone is at its optimal state for... Continue Reading →

Guide for the Birthstone & Lucky Stone for Gemeni Sign

Do you know that early in this century, jewelers got together and formed a modern list of birthstones? In the new list, you will find only transparent gems. Imagine if you wanted a pearl, a cabochon of turquoise, an emerald, and a diamond. Another fascinating point is the addition of Alexandrite. It is an astonishingly... Continue Reading →

Improve Your Immune System with Healing Crystals

The immune system, which is the body’s safeguard mechanism, preserves us from external agents like bacteria, germs, fungi, and others. If our immune system isn’t strong, a simple scar can be fatal. This system is also impacted by our emotions (violence, self-destruction, hate) and by our assertive and negative thoughts, which may strengthen or reduce... Continue Reading →

5 Calming Crystals for Stress Relief

Stress can influence everything we do, believe, or feel. It can also change our body functions. Stress can cause severe illness if it isn't relieved. Early identification of the symptoms of anxiety is essential. It will assist in figuring out ways of coping and saving us from using unhealthy coping methods. We can endure and... Continue Reading →

Crystal Healing Tips For Fever, Cough & Shortness of Breath

The novel coronavirus COVID-19 created a large-scale epidemic and spread in more than 70 other countries. The humankind species has been so severely affected with the extensive virus, that it is capturing more victims after victims day by day. Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses that can provoke illnesses varying widely in severity. The... Continue Reading →

Healing Crystals that healer swears by?

You might have heard that crystals can benefit you in healing and maintaining positive energy levels. While some call crystal healing a fake science, others swear by it. We aim to teach people about how crystals help you on your way of getting educated and feeling more relevant. To be more specific, crystals solely won’t... Continue Reading →

Most Useful crystal for your Zodiac Sign

Increase your manifesting powers with some specific crystals that align with your Sun Sign. Every crystal has different properties. Using these crystals that compliment your zodiac sign can help you attaining that energy, which lends healing power and help you to manifest your goals. They can also help you balance your environment and use energy... Continue Reading →

How to Clean Rose Quartz?

The gentle pink hue and the tender appearance of this soothing gemstone will make your heart melt right away! Yes! You guess it right! We are talking about Rose quartz stone - The stone of love, peace and coordination. When you use this gemstone of light pink hue, you get to learn about the significance... Continue Reading →

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