What Is Amethyst Good For ?

Available almost all over the world, Amethyst is a beautiful looking gemstone that can be best sourced from places including Brazil, Uruguay, Africa, Italy, and Greece. The transparent texture, glossy appearance, and the lovely rich lavender shade make this gemstone highly attractive. If we talk about the Amethyst benefits, the list is quite long! The... Continue Reading →

How to Choose a Crystal for Someone

From uplifting your confidence to enhancing positivity in your life and from ensuring your well-being to creating an energetic aura around you, crystals and gemstones do a lot of things for you so that you can enjoy a better life and become a positive personality. But how do you know which crystal is best for... Continue Reading →

5 Crystals That Help You In Focus

Trying to work but not getting the right focus? Getting poor results in your performance because of a lack of concentration? If so, you have landed at the right place! If you have been struggling to focus on your various everyday tasks, it is time to know about those healing crystals that impart you the... Continue Reading →

What Does Amethyst Birthstone Represent?

Amethyst stone is popularly known as the February birthstone for the obvious reason that it is the birthstone for people born in the month of May. Portraying exceptionally beautiful transparent appearance in the deep lavender shade, the amethyst birthstone represents many attributes. The gemstone has been in use for centuries and has got many Biblical... Continue Reading →

Gemstones that Resemble the Tri-Colour Of Our National Flag

With Indian Republic Day approaching soon on 26th January, it’s time to rekindle your love, passion, and patriotism for your country! Though there’s not a single day when we do not feel emotional and patriotic for our country, the Republic Day indeed calls for something extra in the form of grand celebration for the country.... Continue Reading →

Healing Crystals Of Our Independence

Independence Day is a very special day for every Indian. It is the day we remember the sacrifices laid down by hundreds of our fore-fathers who struggled to free the country of British rule. It is the day when our “tryst with destiny” truly had begun 71 years ago. It was on this day that... Continue Reading →

Learn The Art Of Healing Through Colorful Gemstones

Do you believe in the healing power of crystals and gemstones? If yes, you should definitely be wearing and using natural healing crystals. If you said no, let us tell you that healing through colorful gemstones is possible and there are numerous examples of how these gemstones have changed the lives of people for good... Continue Reading →

Crystals for a Perfect Valentine

Whoever says that love needs no season, romance needs no time surely hasn’t experienced the joy of Valentine’s Day. It is the time of the year when regardless of everything, loved ones deserve to be told that they are precious. If you are still mulling over a Valentine gift that will embody your love then... Continue Reading →

Crystals To Charm This Christmas Season

“Jingle bells jingle bells, jingle all the way, Santa Clause is coming around in a one-horse open sleigh.” Yay! With Christmas around the corner, I have been humming this song with my super excited two little kids. No doubt, Christmas is a time of fun, happiness and celebration. It’s a time to exchange gifts, to... Continue Reading →

Healing Crystals To Start The New Year

With new years around the corner, here comes another chance for us to get things right. Yes, its time to make resolutions, a promise to self of quitting the things which no longer contributed to the overall wellness and of adopting the new habits which will indeed make us a better person than the previous... Continue Reading →

Thanksgiving – A Healing Time With Crystals

Often it happens that we get so busy in our daily routines or taken over by negative emotions that we forget to express our gratitude to others. Thank God! We have this day called Thanks Giving to do so. Thanksgiving is one of the special days in the year and to make it more special... Continue Reading →

New Ways of Crystal Healing This Halloween

With Halloween just around the corner, I am sure you all must be busy in organizing Halloween costume parties, carving pumpkins into jack-o-lanterns, planning pranks, and listing down the haunted place to visit and scary stories to tell. Here we are going to discuss the new ways of crystal healing this Halloween. It is one of the... Continue Reading →

7 great crystal pairings that can create a next-level healing effect

When crystals are brought together in a set geometric pattern (called grid formations) their effects indeed change to a great extent. Some stones get extra awesome under the influence of other while the energy of some simply gets diluted. Making a right geometric pattern and knowing a right combination of crystals is definitely a work... Continue Reading →

Broadcast Good Vibes with Crystal Jewelry

Often I have heard people saying that the vibe around is not so good or the vibe is not positive and happy. It is easy to feel and say it but has you ever wondered, what this entire concept of vibe is all about and how does this feeling come in? Well, vibrations or vibes... Continue Reading →

Some Words Of Advice On Healing Crystals By My Father

Father’s Day is not just a day to shower your hero with gifts and love but also to look back at all the times when he became the superhero in your life solving all your problems. All of us have, at least once looked at our father in awe and wondered how he did it.... Continue Reading →

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