Crystals for home: Make Your Abode a High-Vibe Heaven

From Hong Kong to the Czech Republic to New York; traveling all this while made me realize that there is no paradise quite as appealing as your own abode. Yea, I have been out of home for almost like 25 days and all this while I really missed home. While thinking about home, I noticed... Continue Reading →

Rose quartz – A Crystal for Blooming Love and Healing Relationships

When the matter is of the heart, any medicine, magic or meditation is resorted to. Right? Same happened with my very dear friend, Priya-a name and her real experience which I can never let go while writing down about the powers of rose quartz. Priya, a Doctor by profession and die-hard romantic by nature got... Continue Reading →

How are crystals able to heal?

How are crystals able to heal? This one prominent question hovers everybody’s mind who read or try out crystal therapies. Obviously, (not being an exception) even I had my share of doubts while entering the crystal/gemstone world. The entire idea of a stone healing a human being seemed nonsensical to me. I just used to... Continue Reading →

Meditation with Crystals

“Crystals are the mere solid substance that Mother Earth naturally produces,” this was my definition until I read more about them. Yes, the decision of joining the family business of crystals and gemstones which my father successfully continued from last fifty years demanded me to read about crystals. The first book I read was healing... Continue Reading →

The Story of My Meditation

What is meditation? I heard, for some, it is a technique of resting the mind while being in consciousness state and for some; it is a practice of remembering beloved god in silence.  Well, different individuals, different experiences. But for me, meditation is an art, a silent brush that helps me to paint my inner... Continue Reading →

Magical Collection of Angel Wings Fairy Pendants

Angel wings fairy pendants, these terms will take you towards an imaginative realm of fairy where the magical world exists. The females mostly get attracted towards the tales of fairy and all. Today, we have come up with a mystical collection of angel wings fairy pendants that will make you fall in love with. Firstly,... Continue Reading →

A Striking Collection of Coral Jewelry

Coral, known to be a riveting piece of jewel boulder reveals off its appealing red color which looks glamorous. To complete your gorgeous look, you should team up your attire. For that, you should get all your matching stuff like if you want to group up your dazzling coral look, you should pick the red... Continue Reading →

Mesmeric Collection of Gold Silver Earrings

Well, we all know earring makes the gorgeous look complete in fact you may simply wear a pair of studs alone without pairing it with a neck piece or so. This look is quite modern and too followed. Today, we have come up along with a glistening collection of gold silver earrings and studs that... Continue Reading →

Stunning Collection of Designer Jewelry

The designer pieces are crafted by the artistic and skillful jewelry makers. The designer jewelry items are made uniquely. These don’t have many copies. The one who grabs them finds him lucky. Today we have too arrived with a beguiling collection of designer jewelry which includes splendid pairs of earrings, stunning pieces of pendants and... Continue Reading →

Delightful Collection of Cupcake Pendants

Cupcake is a tasty term which leaves us mouthwatering. The females are fond of these cupcake pendants. They usually get magnetized towards the jewelry like this. So, keeping this in track, we have come up with the jewels designed in cupcake pattern. We know the taste and choice of you and care for it. That’s... Continue Reading →

Check out a Lovely Collection of Colorful Enamel Rings

Enamel Rings, the finger pieces that are adorned with colorful enamel that looks fabulous. Moreover, to append a fascinating gawk some gem pieces are too festooned. So, let’s go through a vibrant collection of enamel rings from the store of Silver-In-Style on eBay that you can’t resist. Firstly, let’s check out a lovely piece of... Continue Reading →

Captivating Collection of Gold Silver Pendants

Hello everyone one, today we are here with an intriguing collection of gold silver pendants straight from a top store of sterling silver jewelry of the USA, “Silver-In-Style”. Let’s start with an extraordinary group of sterling silver jewels decorated well with a 14k gold layer. First of all, let’s welcome a unique piece of sterling... Continue Reading →

Spot out a Swinging Collection of Dangle Earrings

Dangle earrings always magnetize the attention of not only the wearer but of the crowd too. These look fabulous when worn with the toning attire including a matching dress, a fascinating clutch and a spectacular pair of heels. To add a more glamorous look, a gorgeous hairstyle should also be donned which will enhance the... Continue Reading →

Check out a Hypnotic Collection of Butterfly Pendant

The butterfly is one of the most beautiful flies in the world. The lovely motif of this charming creature is nowadays being used to enhance the gorgeousness of many things. In fact, it is usually liked by the females as the fascinating piece of jewel. The jewelry handcrafted in a fabulous pattern of butterfly looks... Continue Reading →

Gorgeous Collection of Rose Gold Jewelry

Rose Gold Jewelry has been the first choice of not only the gals but ladies too. In fact, females go mad about the rose gold jewelry collection. Keeping the track of this, we have come up with a charming collection of rose gold jewelry made of sterling silver from the store of Silver-In-Style. First of... Continue Reading →

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