Crystals for Fearlessness and Worry

The elements of fear or anxiety can be different. But what causes this powerful fear, and how can you use crystals for fearlessness to overcome it? While someone is strongly affected by the climate or seasons, notably autumn and winter, which are mysterious and not very cheerful, other people encounter these states due to frustration... Continue Reading →

Healing Crystals for Children with Autism – The Natural Therapy

What is Autism for kids? Autism is a unique brain-based condition where the brain hasn't grown in a typical way. All the children with autism are exceptional in their own way like any other child. At times, it can be difficult and challenging for the families to accept the way it is, and they get... Continue Reading →

Spice Up your Romantic Life with Crystals

Your crystals for love can be a game-changer when it comes to attracting someone particular, forming friendships, or healing family splits. Formed deep in the earth where the energy is assumed to come from, crystals not only look gorgeous, they encourage positive vibes. Crystals are said to support you obtain and nurture love and confidently... Continue Reading →

How Crystals can Help in Removing Insecurities

When it comes to confidence, anxiety and insecurities come hand in hand, and healing Crystals for insecurity can be a comfort, mainly when used in rooms, workplaces, or jewelry. If there is one crucial force behind human nature, it would be self-doubt. When we are insecure with our surroundings or ourselves, it influences everything in... Continue Reading →

Forgiveness – The way Towards a Happier Life.

"Holding on to anger is like taking a hot coal with the intention of throwing it at someone else; but you are the one who is getting burned." -Buddha What is Forgiveness? Forgiveness is the most exceptional of qualities that few can master. Most of us find it really hard to forgive others who have mistreated... Continue Reading →

What is Heart Chakra & How to open it ?

Chakra's are one of our body's major energy centers. There are seven chakras in your body, and each Chakra is represented by the specific frequency and color. These centers are connected and exchange energies with each other. It is important to work with all the seven chakras. As it is only when all of these... Continue Reading →

Crystals to help you Manifest your Love Life

Ever since the origin of time, people have settled their beliefs in various objects hoping for a better life. Are you seeking to embrace the wonder of unconditional love into your loved one's heart?  Healing crystals for love are a fantastic tool for mending a broken heart, unblock heart chakras, and attracting an array of... Continue Reading →

How to Use your Intentions to remove Obstacles

We all know the healing properties of crystals, and for many reasons, they have been used as healing gemstones for various reasons. They are programmable when place under the light and their energy are very effective. It means you will be able to program your crystals with any desire, goal, or intentions you have in... Continue Reading →

Healing Gemstones for Dealing with Stress

Stress is harmful to one’s mental as well as physical health. It is a reaction to any event and thought, which makes people feel frustrated, nervous, or angry. Sometimes, it may be positive when stress lasts for a short period of time and is harmful to the body when it lasts for a longer period.... Continue Reading →

Libyan desert glass can strengthen your willpower

It is said the difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength or lack of knowledge but a lack of will. Strong will power can turn many impossible tasks into possible and if you are the one who thinks the same yet lacks it, try Libyan desert glass. Imbibed with... Continue Reading →

Fight your battle of depression with Larimar

“Right now it is just about one constant battle between wanting to be alone and not wanting to be lonely” This was the sentence of my friend Kishan when he was almost entrapped by depression after losing his grandmother. Kishan and I are friends since college days and our friendship blossomed over the talks about... Continue Reading →

5 Crystals For Peace

Peace is almost a pre-requisite for a fulfilling life. Just as you need to be in a peaceful state of mind to succeed, you also need peace at your home and work space. However, peace can have different forms and individualistic meanings. Nevertheless, the idea of calm, serenity and thoughtfulness are all generally associated with... Continue Reading →

Crystals For Alleviating Stress And Depression

Living in these modern times means being constantly on the go, running against time to get things completed and yet almost never feeling relaxed. If the constant pressure and hectic lifestyle are bogging you down, it is time to pull back before things go from bad to worse. If you are thinking about popping some... Continue Reading →

Top 5 Crystals To Increase Positivity

There is no doubt that medical science has exponentially grown with the help of modern innovations and technology. Yet there are areas of human mind and reasoning that haven’t been conclusively answered by science. Belief, faith, and trust are strong emotions that can cure an ailing man and also destroy a proud soul. Crystal healing... Continue Reading →

Best Crystals For Love And Relationship

Believing in the power of crystals can bring many changes in your life. From feeling confident about seeing an improvement in your physical health, there are numerous ways crystals affect the body and mind. One of the basic things to remember about crystal healing is how it can bring monumental changes to your life only... Continue Reading →

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