Healing Crystals for Children with Autism – The Natural Therapy

What is Autism for kids? Autism is a unique brain-based condition where the brain hasn't grown in a typical way. All the children with autism are exceptional in their own way like any other child. At times, it can be difficult and challenging for the families to accept the way it is, and they get... Continue Reading →

Crystals for Manifesting Money – The Ultimate Abundance

Money and wealth can come to us in many ways, but Crystals for Manifesting Money helps us from being caught back by self-limiting assumptions. Crystals for money emit specific energy, each having its personalities. The more we come into connection with these, slowly, over time, our energy matches that of the crystals in different and... Continue Reading →

Forgiveness – The way Towards a Happier Life.

"Holding on to anger is like taking a hot coal with the intention of throwing it at someone else; but you are the one who is getting burned." -Buddha What is Forgiveness? Forgiveness is the most exceptional of qualities that few can master. Most of us find it really hard to forgive others who have mistreated... Continue Reading →

Crystals to get rid of Negative Energies.

People love crystals as they look beautiful on us and because they add something to our wellness routine. Maybe you can keep a piece of selenite by your bed for sweeter dreams or kunzite in your purse for self-love. Many crystals are meant to offer up assurance — from evil spirits, negative energy from others,... Continue Reading →

What is Heart Chakra & How to open it ?

Chakra's are one of our body's major energy centers. There are seven chakras in your body, and each Chakra is represented by the specific frequency and color. These centers are connected and exchange energies with each other. It is important to work with all the seven chakras. As it is only when all of these... Continue Reading →

How to Awaken your Third Eye Chakra ?

The concept of Chakra can sound very confusing. You may all wonder what these chakras are and how to awaken them or influence them. Opening up of these Chakras does not require years of studying or practice.  So, Here's the simple guide to help you get started on the journey to awaken your third eye... Continue Reading →

Dichroic Glass Guards The Spiritual Health

Look at this dichroic glass! Aren't you feeling like placing it somewhere in the house and just lit up that area with its bright hues? Well, if you are thinking so then go ahead because it will not only lit up the house, it will lit up your life too. The dichroic glass healing properties... Continue Reading →

7 Crystals Which Can Bring You Luck

Luck is a very wanting trait. Everybody on the earth wants to be lucky than may it be the business luck, marriage luck or career luck. Besides the major inputs like hard work, money, confidence, and determination, it is commonly believed that luck also plays a major role in the success of a person. The... Continue Reading →

Top 5 Crystals to Increase Motivation

Life is a roller coaster ride full of ups and downs. There comes moments in life when you feel ecstatic and are rearing to go. Unfortunately, there are also times when life seems to be a riddle where nothing seems to make sense. It then seems easy to sit at home and be depressed about... Continue Reading →

Crystals For Aura Cleansing

Often times there comes moments in life when your heart and mind doesn’t seem to work in tandem. Skepticism, negativity, restlessness seem to overpower you and make things difficult. Even an ordinary and normal day seems to weigh down heavily on you. If you too have felt like this for long maybe it is time... Continue Reading →

5 Crystals For Boosting Self Esteem

There comes innumerable occasions in life when you feel worn out and completely out of spirits. Having to battle life every day seems an uphill task. While it is only natural to feel pressurized and worn out by the ordeals of life, it is never a good thing to give up. No matter what a... Continue Reading →

5 Crystals For Abundance And Prosperity

Financial security is something every person aspires for himself and his family. If finance is not your strong point and you constantly find yourself amidst professional and self-professed financial gurus advising you how to save, how to earn more etc., you immediately need to sit down and think for yourself. How long can you let... Continue Reading →

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