Check out Stunning Garnet Looks You will Love to Follow

Garnet, a dazzling red hued gemstone looks opulent when engraved in jewelry pieces. But only the jewelry items will not make your look complete. So, today we have come up with some gorgeous Garnet looks that you will love to try. These looks include a lovely team of fabulous Garnet dress, matching pair of heels... Continue Reading →

4 Chic Purple Amethyst Looks you won’t like to Miss

Hey, gals! Were you waiting for the most happening looks ever in your favorite purple hue? If yes then we are here presenting you the most fascinating and gorgeous purple amethyst looks. These looks have been prepared to append various accessories in purple tone like a charming couture dress, riveting jewelry item, matching a pair... Continue Reading →

4 Eco-friendly Green Emerald Looks, You would Get Attracted Towards

The green color stands for nature and symbolizes the freshness, harmony, and growth. It is too commonly associated with the money. This is a traditional belief about the green color. You won’t believe that green is becoming a choice for reputed stylists too. In today’s fashion, the green looks are in trend. In fact, the... Continue Reading →

4 Fascinating Coral Looks, You would Love to try them out

Coral gemstone, stands out in a crowd with its dazzling red shiny hue, is loved by gorgeous females. Most of you might be missing a complete Coral look which you may try in the upcoming event. In this rush, it would be difficult for you to gather all the accessories matching your outfit. Not to... Continue Reading →

4 Fascinating Ruby Looks, You will Fall in Love With

Ruby, reputed as a queen of gems, reveals gorgeous and dazzling shiny red hue, that is liked by most of the beings. Especially the females’ loves to don a lovely jewel piece embellished with ruby gems. Only jewel piece doesn’t make any look complete so, today we will present enthralling Ruby looks that include fabulous... Continue Reading →

4 Chic Tanzanite Looks, You Won’t Like to Miss

Tanzanite, one of the precious gemstones in the world of gems looks luxurious when fixed in elegant jewels. But merely donning the splendid jewels does not make your look complete. So, to make you look more glamorous here, we have come up with 4 ultimate Tanzanite looks that can’t stop you trying. Let’s gets ready... Continue Reading →

4 Black Onyx Looks – You would Love to Try

Today, an on-going trend says that for the brides, black is like “New White.” Most of the beings hold a view that black belongs only for Goth brides, but this opinion doesn’t clutch any worth. For the black lovers, the black wedding dress stands out with ultimate elegance and glam. In fact, most of the... Continue Reading →

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