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Crystals that Every Woman Should Always Have

Crystals That Every Woman Blog

The world of crystals is exceptional! There are crystals for everyone – for kids, for adults, for elderly people, for men and for women! And wait a minute, if you think that crystals are worn only for beauty and style, Read more…

Picks of Gems – Let’s Think of Red

Red Ruby Pendant

Check out the following red shades of gems that you want as your jewel item. Do you always be a woman in red? If you are in a search of jewelry articles that reveals the energy, passion and warmth, not Read more…

A Guide to Anniversary Gemstones and Jewelry – Part I

White Diamond Silver 14k Ring

The gift of metal or the colorful gems that are used to decorate the jewels represent each anniversary gemstone. This guide will help you a lot while shopping for your special anniversary ornaments. The big 25 and 50 marked by Read more…

Picks of Gems – Let’s Think of Green

Green Alexandrite Ring

Picks of Gems – Let’s Think of Green Today, we are here to show you distinctive shades of green from which you may choose any of your choices to reveal a unique and exclusive style of yours. So, if green Read more…

Picks of Gems – Let’s Think of Blue

Topaz Ring

Today we are going to check out various shades of blue from which you may choose the one of your choices. Feeling blue may not be okay but wearing the blue is damn perfect especially when it comes to a Read more…