Picks of Gems – Let’s Think of Red

Check out the following red shades of gems that you want as your jewel item. Do you always be a woman in red? If you are in a search of jewelry articles that reveals the energy, passion and warmth, not you worry you have various choices to pick. Red gems possess something which suits not... Continue Reading →

A Guide to Anniversary Gemstones and Jewelry – Part I

The gift of metal or the colorful gems that are used to decorate the jewels represent each anniversary gemstone. This guide will help you a lot while shopping for your special anniversary ornaments. The big 25 and 50 marked by silver and golden anniversary as heard most of the times. Every year is specifically associated... Continue Reading →

Picks of Gems – Let’s Think of Green

Picks of Gems – Let’s Think of Green Today, we are here to show you distinctive shades of green from which you may choose any of your choices to reveal a unique and exclusive style of yours. So, if green is your taste or holds a position of a perfect shade of you, then it... Continue Reading →

Picks of Gems – Let’s Think of Blue

Today we are going to check out various shades of blue from which you may choose the one of your choices. Feeling blue may not be okay but wearing the blue is damn perfect especially when it comes to a lovely gem piece well festooned in a piece of jewel. The one who find the... Continue Reading →

Picks of Gems: Let’s Think of Pink

Some of the times we find red gemstone just much whereas white too doesn’t seems to be good. So, to find a space between these two, we opt for the pink gemstone that appears to be pretty. This hue makes the being moody, light and fresh. The pink gems look amazing when stamped in charming... Continue Reading →

How to Build your Jewelry Wardrobe?

At the time of purchasing jewelry, you prefer the taste you love apart from this you think of versatility and longevity. This would help you attain the most from your investment. Most of the women prefer some classic and chic pieces that they want to wear again and again. These prove to be the best... Continue Reading →

Picks of Gems – Let’s Think of Yellow

The yellow gems exhibit warm and sunny sensations that make the person smile and fresh. If yellow is your favorite shade then you choice us quite lucky in this case. The jewels decorated with yellow gems bestow a delicate touch of hue and be bright and vibrant. For a bit, something more than an ordinary,... Continue Reading →

5 Different Types of Necklaces You Need to Know

Want to boost up your style? Let’s check out types of statement necklaces that would give flair to your attire. To make a definite statement, a gorgeous necklace will work. We are here with numerous styles of necklaces for you gals that you may opt for flattering yourself and make the heads turn. Choker Hey,... Continue Reading →

How to Remove Scratches from Sterling Silver Jewelry

Sterling silver contains 92.5 percent of pure silver that makes it more precious and valuable as compared to that of simple jewel piece plated with silver. Like all the other metals, sterling silver is attacked by tarnish which leads to scratches when used much. Sterling silver needs to get buffed and polished to restore the... Continue Reading →

How to Remove Tarnish from Pearl Silver Jewelry

Sterling pearl silver jewelry looks awesome when are shining, sparkling and gleaming. Tarnish does not cover the silver jewels unnecessarily. Some reasons cause it appearing. Its regular use may build tarnish on it. This tarnish may be caused due to household chemicals, chlorinated water, and other cosmetic items. So, its regular cleaning is necessary as... Continue Reading →

7 Fascinating Jewelry Pieces to be worn with Strapless Dresses

Going to a party tonight? Are you ready with your exclusive stuff, strapless dress, jewelry, pumps, etc.? If not, then let’s go, we will work together for you. First of all the dress, the attire, which will hold much of your alluring gape, so what you have chosen? Ok..a gorgeous strapless dress! You have a... Continue Reading →

5 Useful Tips to Preserve Your Sterling Silver Jewelry

We all are fond of fascinating silver jewelry, trendy and alluring to wear. We love donning it as per the theme of the occasion. You have got various options too like cuff, chain bracelet, chandelier ear pieces, pendant necklace, and the cocktail ring to match with your attire. As the jewel pieces enhance our enticing... Continue Reading →

How to use Baking Soda for Cleaning Sterling Silver Jewelry

Over the time, everything on this earth loses its gleam and shine. Same is with the sterling silver jewelry. With the time, it too starts losing its luster. But this doesn’t mean that it will lose it forever. As there are many ways that you may try to make your sterling silver jewelry happy again... Continue Reading →

Effective Caring Tips for Thai Jewelry

Thai jewelry, styled in amazingly fascinating and ancient Thai pattern, is known to steal the heart of many beings. This motif of the jewelry is quite prominent since the past as was used in the battle and peace too. There is a fact that in the days back, for making Thai jewelry, the amulets used... Continue Reading →

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